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Call 757.541.8646 with your information to schedule your appointment.

I’ll return your call for a brief 15 minute consultation (at no additional cost), and an invoice for your Healing Call is emailed to you.

Condition: No back-to-back appointments.





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“Living Wide Awake™” You May Fare Better Financially Today 1-17-22

You may fare better financially today through some opportunities with short windfalls.

You could also make a little side money doing talks, or teaching in some way.

Opposing Energies: Scarcity-consciousness, greed, disorganization

However, an over-focus on money could affect your opportunities in a negative manner, and result in alienation in either or both personal and business contacts.

Wide Awake Words for today: Alertness, clarity, willingness

Good News for Relationships: While this is a good day for new friendships and new romantic partners, be ready for sudden changes and dramas.

Not meaning they would be bad, but that sometimes sudden changes irritate people, and they become a bit inflexible.

So, be judicious and open-minded.



Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living


P.S. – Remember to take advantage of my sale on 30 Minute Distant Healing Calls! Especially because it’s the cold and flu season, and healing can help boost your wellness. And, don’t forget to add your pets to your session. They are very sensitive, and can really feel the energy!


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 “Living Wide Awake™” A Good Influence 1-16-22

Today brings a good influence for sales people.

Having a quick mind with great communicating skills will achieve a great deal.

Opposing Energies: Inattentive, bored, dissatisfaction, unreliable

Take responsibility for what you say and do, and keep busy.

In other words, be committed to promises, and follow through.

Wide Awake Words for today: Inspired, communicative, enthusiastic, expansion

In a more Spiritual sense, compromising to achieve balance in most situations by using your intuition and gut feelings, you communicate with ease, with all who come in contact with you.



Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living


P.S. – Remember to take advantage of my sale on 30 Minute Distant Healing Calls! Especially because it’s the cold and flu season, and healing can help boost your wellness.  And, don’t forget to add your pets to your session. They are very sensitive, and can really feel the energy!


Call for free 15 minute consult before booking your appointment!






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Covid-19 and The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

Recently, due to Covid-19, both The Natural Sage (Herbal formulas), and The Sage Lady activities (Distant Healing) have become quite active. 


Unfortunately, I’m sad to report, The Natural Sage Herbals are no longer available.  The COVID-19 pandemic thru 2020 and 2021 have been shorting supplies world-wide. 

I managed to maintain my product lines during 2020 and 2021 without many hiccups. However, obtaining necessary supplies to continue making my formulas with the quality standards we all have grown to expect, is no longer possible. 


Perhaps in the future The Natural Sage Herbals may resume operations.  Meanwhile, please make extra efforts to protect your good health well beyond the end of this horrific World Pandemic. 


Call to make your appointments for Distant Healing Calls: 757-541-8646. Leave your name and number with the best times to reach you.


I’ll continue to offer the special on Distant Healing: 30 minutes for $50.


(Distant Healing is $100 for 30 minutes and $190 for an hour.)


I appreciate your strong desire to be well, and will always do my best to achieve that goal for you.






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The Sage Lady™makes no specific claims or diagnosis, promises, or guarantees to prevent, treat, or cure disease.”






Here’s how it works:

You’ll call to book and purchase your appointments. All appointments are kept in a timely manner out of courtesy for the next person.

In the event you book several appointments, be sure to keep them. Rescheduling may slow down your consistent healing process.

Also, I don’t have the luxury of additional time to give you detailed discussion before and after your appointments. So, please be brief.

Let the results of how well you sleep after your session, and how well you felt the next day, be your guide.

I will, however, answer your questions when you call to book your appointments.

I appreciate your efforts to be well, and will always do my best to support that goal for you.

Call today, and fast-track your wellness.


Leave a message with the best time to return your call.


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At times in a healing appointment, I’ll feel called to touch in to areas that interest me not mentioned in the client’s request for healing.  And, to the surprise of clients those areas somehow became a part of the client discussion at the end of the appointment.

Sometimes healing may go unnoticed until I return to the session discussion, and ask the client how they feel. It’s then that clients realize that healing has occurred and homeostasis returned. The issue became so normalized they forgot all about the problem!

One more thing: Often clients will fall asleep in session. I set an alarm for the end of the session to help the client re-orient themselves.

Healing for you and your pets!
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Some Unsolicited Remarks:

I took no sleep formulas. It was your healing! You were right. You said it would put me out. It did! Wow! Very powerful! That was wonderful. I slept like other people. Thank you!”

Re: Healing to reduce eye pressure related to Glaucoma:

“Got pressure checked. Last time it was 15. Now down to 14!”

On a healing and herbals combined: ‘No fever! None. All gone. I feel so much better. Hardly any pain. And I slept all night! So exciting and wonderful.”  “Thank you for being you.”

This man had a stroke a few years ago. His speech was affected. His tongue was swollen, and his left leg was affected.:

“Hi Catherine — we went on a longish (for him) walk yesterday– And he was impressed with his improved energy! So was I. And so pleased to have him enjoying it!” He says his tongue feels better -less enlarged.  And his energy is remaining pretty good!  Thank you! “

“I do feel a little better and foot ankle not so swollen. And everything doesn’t hurt as much.”

“Let’s do another healing. I believe in you and your healing work.”

“Thank you for last night.! I am totally enchanted with how you are helping me on many levels.”

“She just was so much better when after you did your healing on her, I tell you she was just different. She just was so different the next day. I saw her walking better, swelling was down. you know, I’m just so thankful for you, and God bless you. And if you would put me on your list for tomorrow.”

Combination of herbal formulas and distant healing: “Herpes is gone, happy to report.”

“Thank you so much Catherine.  You have always been a miracle and such a blessing to us.”

This client had an in-office surgical procedure. She booked (3) hour-long appointments for healing:

One appointment was the day before the surgery to activate the healing cells in her body. (T-cells)

She wanted a 2nd session to expedite healing: The day of the surgery, when she returned home.

 And, the 3rd appointment the day after the procedure to speed healing in such a way that the discomfort from the surgery will go unnoticed.

Her comments:

The day of the surgery (2nd appointment:):  “It (The discomfort) was worse than I expected”

The next morning (Before her 3rd appointment that day:): “I hardly slept 2 hours last night. I would like another session.”…

The next morning (day 4): “Feeling less traumatized today. Thanks lots. Much better.   Feel like I’ve turned a corner. Slept all night.  Thank you. I’m so grateful for your healings.  Been a little less than 4 days, hardly any pain, just a little discomfort.   Thank you for all that you do for me.”


In the event you cannot reach me directly, please leave a message.

I will return your call. I look forward to sharing my healing gifts and/or my formulas.

Review my website for more information:

The Sage Lady’s Testimonials referred to in this web site, were volunteered by the makers without an offer of compensation. The results referred to in the testimonials may not be typical.


“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”


I found this post while looking for something else…

(Typical after-burn from this past Mercury Retrograde)


March 25, 2010 Prediction


Several years ago I “saw” the legalization of marijuana, and spoke about it to a few close friends.

…. I didn’t have any more inclinations, except the predictions.

Following this, I began to hear of medical marijuana. Later, medical marijuana dispensaries where one could get marijuana with a prescription for medical use; appeared.

Like wildfire, medical marijuana outlets cropped up all over major cities, in a time where commercial vacancy rates were at an all time high, due to economic downturns.

I continued to “see” details regarding this topic.

More recently I have “seen” the future legalization of marijuana manage its way through the tobacco/cigarette manufacturers. Being that they have suffered some major setbacks from the non-smoking movement, this venue is the next step. All assemblies are in place, in lieu of cigarette tobacco, there will be “marijuana tobacco” to manufacture legal cigarettes in all types of forms from smokeless cigarettes to regular cigarettes in the various sizes, to designer thin line cigars!

There will be marijuana salons for smokers-like smoking rooms. These will be the vogue in high end hotels and glitzy downtown areas.

A war between growers and processors/manufacturers will create the heated competition and alliances to maintain a price level commensurate with desired profit margins as evidenced by the pharmaceutical companies since the 1940’s.

Additionally, I’ve “seen” since last year that Marijuana has a mammoth potential for tax revenues from federal to local, based upon data collected just from the dispensaries alone.

For California alone, this is the redemption needed to save the state from total and absolute financial devastation caused by the greed of the mega corporations that control banking, medicine and food.

Believe it or not, this legalization is already occurring behind closed doors. The Federal Government benefits the most from the tax revenues of the manufacturers (the cigarette companies).

I’ve “seen” the prediction to be like this: the pharmaceutical companies will have the dominant interest in the growers, and the Cigarette companies will have control over manufacturing and distribution.

Be prepared for new laws, reforming marijuana laws and leveling the moralization of marijuana use to a norm, in a very short period of time, to facilitate sales and “Benefit the taxpayer in the long run.”

Conflicts will occur between the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies, based upon vested interests.

Notice how the cigarette companies will quietly place themselves in position.

Lastly, a new crime wave will create many jobs and task forces to combat the marijuana gang-related wars between independent growers and distributors until the corporate machine has control.

I realize this is quite controversial, much like my predictions of the future made in 1999 that continue to become valid even today.

I expect we will all see big change.

Only the future can validate predictions…. That’s my report for now.




The Sage Lady, Healer  The Natural Sage Herbals



I found this post in my notes file, and felt it may help us during this Mercury Retrograde….

After recently consulting with a client, I thought I might shed a little light on the “What to do” parts of this coming Mercury Retrograde on January 30, 2021.

Mercury goes direct on February 20, 2021.  The pre-retrograde shadow begins January 15, post-retrograde shadow ends March 13.


First: I know how I can be insistent with what I share… It’s only because I tend to offer what I cherry pick from what I “see” as the hard parts and the difficult choices; including troubling issues. This may be one of those times.  Mercury Retrogrades occur several times each year.

Save this post for future Mercury Retrogrades.



Update your anti-virus software on all devices.  Begin to review the spam folder in your email more often, at least until Mercury goes direct.

When you respond to email and anything online, resist the impulse to respond quickly. Check and re-check all documents, chats and posts before responding.

Do a quick check of your bill-pay dates, and whatever planned bills that will occur during this retrograde. Make sure you’re on track.

Check your accounts, for errors not made by you. They can get lost in the shuffle of a retrograde, and take a while to correct.  And check your bank accounts more often during this retrograde.


 Make sure your vehicles are up to speed with their maintenance schedules. If not, you have a couple more days before Mercury goes retrograde.. Don’t forget your vehicle inspection!

Update your TV software, as they could get hinky during the process… And we know that’s no fun.

Check your home security, making sure it works as expected.


Avoid (If you can):

Making big decisions.

Making big life changes.

Signing new contracts, buying cars/homes, etc…

Getting a new job

Starting a new business.


Be Aware:

There will be things that will require re-doing.

There will be delays.

And, there will be confusion.

It may seem as though you’ve begun speaking a different language, and some folks just don’t get you.

It’ll also be the reverse…

This retrograde will have us making a greater effort to be a “better” version of ourselves in order to get along.

Lastly, the rule of thumb goes like this:

Check and re-check, or you’ll find yourself with more do-overs than planned.


That’s my report.



The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


Since all or most of us will somehow have more time on our hands and will be at home more, I received a message in a dream this morning that was directed for me to share:


“We’ll be courageously exploring new terrain, and will be open to learning new ways of thinking and being.  The Divine Spark in all of us will lead us through whatever challenging situations we face.”



The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


Heads up! Your Thanksgiving Dinner May Be Genetically Modified!

While shopping for Thanksgiving, I picked up a package of Pepperidge Farm stuffing from a stand-alone display at my local grocer.  I mistakenly took it for granted it would be safe, having trusted it in the past.

That would be wrong.

After unpacking my groceries, I looked at the package,and the ingredients. I was so bummed to discover a small statement saying the stuffing had genetically modified ingredients (GMO).

The next day, I returned the package and looked for organic stuffing mixes.


So I’m back to making my own stuffing mix which is pretty simple, anyway.

I make my own bread with all organic ingredients. Plus, the spices, Celery, Onion, and the liquid (butter and small amount of cooked juice from the turkey) are also organic.

I can trust organic,and my own recipes.

Food manufacturers continue to take shortcuts with packaged food to save themselves on their bottom line, and promote longer shelf life. Unfortunately, the ingredients may be questionable, in terms of being safe for consumption.

I prefer clean, safe food that doesn’t risk my health.

You decide for yourself.



The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary

FYI- Food modifications to Avoid!

Source: S.D. Heyes June 23, 2016 There are many ways corporations modify food products with chemicals in order to increase sales. They use toxic chemicals to extend shelf life, make food look more attractive, kill bugs in the fields, stave off mold and mildew, kill fungus and bacteria, add flavor back in after chemicals […]

via Top 7 Alarming Food Modifications You Should Avoid At All Costs — TheBreakAway

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