30 minute Distant Healing is available now for $50.

Call 757.541.8646 with your information to schedule your appointment.

I’ll return your call and an invoice for your purchase is emailed to you.

Condition: No back-to-back appointments.



CatherineThe Sage Lady™: Healer: The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”

Supply Chain/Market Shortages and The Natural Sage Herbals

Dear Customers and Friends:

You’ve probably heard or experienced the supply chain for raw goods has been, and continues to be strained world-wide.

The price increases for my herbal ingredients have been drastic since 2019, and especially 2020/2021.

I’ve held off increasing my prices for almost two years, and cannot any longer.

I’ve always resisted price increases in the past. However, it’s time to increase my prices to reflect the true cost of my products due to pandemic shorting.

I’ve also had to discontinue some formulas in order to maintain the priority formulas.

I may bring some discontinued formulas back after the pandemic, provided prices stabilize.

Price increases begin today. The catalog will reflect the increases.

2021 catalog

I appreciate your business, and hope for a better and healthier future for us all.




At times in a healing appointment, I’ll feel called to touch in to areas that interest me not mentioned in the client’s request for healing.  And, to the surprise of clients those areas somehow became a part of the client discussion at the end of the appointment.

Sometimes healing may go unnoticed until I return to the session discussion, and ask the client how they feel. It’s then that clients realize that healing has occurred and homeostasis returned. The issue became so normalized they forgot all about the problem!

One more thing: Often clients will fall asleep in session. I set an alarm for the end of the session to help the client re-orient themselves.

Healing for you and your pets!
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on

Some Unsolicited Remarks:

I took no sleep formulas. It was your healing! You were right. You said it would put me out. It did! Wow! Very powerful! That was wonderful. I slept like other people. Thank you!”

Re: Healing to reduce eye pressure related to Glaucoma:

“Got pressure checked. Last time it was 15. Now down to 14!”

On a healing and herbals combined: ‘No fever! None. All gone. I feel so much better. Hardly any pain. And I slept all night! So exciting and wonderful.”  “Thank you for being you.”

This man had a stroke a few years ago. His speech was affected. His tongue was swollen, and his left leg was affected.:

“Hi Catherine — we went on a longish (for him) walk yesterday– And he was impressed with his improved energy! So was I. And so pleased to have him enjoying it!” He says his tongue feels better -less enlarged.  And his energy is remaining pretty good!  Thank you! “

“I do feel a little better and foot ankle not so swollen. And everything doesn’t hurt as much.”

“Let’s do another healing. I believe in you and your healing work.”

“Thank you for last night.! I am totally enchanted with how you are helping me on many levels.”

“She just was so much better when after you did your healing on her, I tell you she was just different. She just was so different the next day. I saw her walking better, swelling was down. you know, I’m just so thankful for you, and God bless you. And if you would put me on your list for tomorrow.”

Combination of herbal formulas and distant healing: “Herpes is gone, happy to report.”

“Thank you so much Catherine.  You have always been a miracle and such a blessing to us.”

This client had an in-office surgical procedure. She booked (3) hour-long appointments for healing:

One appointment was the day before the surgery to activate the healing cells in her body. (T-cells)

She wanted a 2nd session to expedite healing: The day of the surgery, when she returned home.

 And, the 3rd appointment the day after the procedure to speed healing in such a way that the discomfort from the surgery will go unnoticed.

Her comments:

The day of the surgery (2nd appointment:):  “It (The discomfort) was worse than I expected”

The next morning (Before her 3rd appointment that day:): “I hardly slept 2 hours last night. I would like another session.”…

The next morning (day 4): “Feeling less traumatized today. Thanks lots. Much better.   Feel like I’ve turned a corner. Slept all night.  Thank you. I’m so grateful for your healings.  Been a little less than 4 days, hardly any pain, just a little discomfort.   Thank you for all that you do for me.”


In the event you cannot reach me directly, please leave a message.

I will return your call. I look forward to sharing my healing gifts and/or my formulas.

Review my website for more information:

The Sage Lady’s Testimonials referred to in this web site, were volunteered by the makers without an offer of compensation. The results referred to in the testimonials may not be typical.


“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”

About Those Allergies…

It’s full-on allergy season here in Hampton Roads.  I have a good selection of formulas for allergies. I’m going to share some personal experience, to help you make informed choices:

The pollens have become increasingly worse. I’ve been using my formulas that work to stop the nasal drip that makes most of us miserable with anything from a sore throat and losing your voice, to the chronic drip both down your throat and from your nose. (I thought last year was miserable!)

Here’s some details from my experience:   I take the Seasonal Allergies Complex™ in the morning, as it helps stimulate my Immune and Respiratory Systems to fight symptoms.  However, this year, more is needed. So, I added taking the Cold & Sinus Defense™ in the morning, again midday, and sometimes at bedtime. It doesn’t keep me awake, or put me to sleep.  I also take Slumberease™ for restful nights.

So, try your Cold & Sinus Defense™ during the day to see how great it works to curb the nasal drip. Then, try it at bed-time on a weekend. (Just in case it might keep you awake.)

One last bit about allergies…I’m sure you all know that after the sun goes down, pollen become less; as with rainy days.  I benefit by sometimes alternating Cold & Sinus Defense™ with Cold & Flu PM™ during those lower pollen days, for night time allergy symptoms.  …You’ll figure it out.

On Slumberease™…  I spent several months re-working this formula. The older version just wasn’t effective enough for the high anxiety so many of us have experienced since the pandemic began.  (So I made 41 versions, until #42 made everyone happy, including myself.    Slumberease™ is (of course) an all organic herbal  formula that’s effective for restful sleep.  You can take several capsules in a night after testing their effect.  No problem.  No side-effects, no morning grogginess, and good rest.

Taking Slumberease™ at night, is a breeze, combined with Cold & Sinus Defense™.  If Slumberease™ is too much for you, try my Cold & Flu PM™ or Herbal Nerve™.  I prefer taking Cold & Sinus Defense™, with my Slumberease™. (So I don’t wake up choking)

To order, call or text 757.541.8646.   New clients, call with any questions, or to place your first order.  Payment is thru PayPal. I don’t collect credit info, just  client data for shipping.

2021 catalog


 The Sage Lady™: Healer and The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”


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Don’t risk your brain or liver health by taking Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen(Advil).  Take Naturprofen™, the natural, all-organic herbal formula for pain and inflammation relief.  


Naturprofen’s uses are many:  For headaches, pain/aches, inflammation from arthritis flare-ups, ulcers, toothaches, menstrual cramps and muscle pain.  You can take Naturprofen™ without worry of side-effects.  Naturprofen™ is mild, and can be taken often during the day.  Plus, you can add Naturprofen PM™ along with Naturprofen™ to sleep comfortably when experiencing symptoms of pain or inflammation. 

Active IngredientsProprietary blend: Turmeric, Pumpkinseed, Papaya, Rosehips, Slippery Elm, Ginger, St. John’s Wort, Astragalus, Passionflower, Chamomile, Bupleurum & White Willow.

For more information, INFLAMMATION TIPS

The Natural Sage™ offers other helpful formulas: 2021 FORMULA CATALOG  


Leave a message for a return call to place your order and answer any questions, concerns.

The Sage Lady,Healer & The Natural Sage Herbals


I found this post while looking for something else…

(Typical after-burn from this past Mercury Retrograde)


March 25, 2010 Prediction


Several years ago I “saw” the legalization of marijuana, and spoke about it to a few close friends.

…. I didn’t have any more inclinations, except the predictions.

Following this, I began to hear of medical marijuana. Later, medical marijuana dispensaries where one could get marijuana with a prescription for medical use; appeared.

Like wildfire, medical marijuana outlets cropped up all over major cities, in a time where commercial vacancy rates were at an all time high, due to economic downturns.

I continued to “see” details regarding this topic.

More recently I have “seen” the future legalization of marijuana manage its way through the tobacco/cigarette manufacturers. Being that they have suffered some major setbacks from the non-smoking movement, this venue is the next step. All assemblies are in place, in lieu of cigarette tobacco, there will be “marijuana tobacco” to manufacture legal cigarettes in all types of forms from smokeless cigarettes to regular cigarettes in the various sizes, to designer thin line cigars!

There will be marijuana salons for smokers-like smoking rooms. These will be the vogue in high end hotels and glitzy downtown areas.

A war between growers and processors/manufacturers will create the heated competition and alliances to maintain a price level commensurate with desired profit margins as evidenced by the pharmaceutical companies since the 1940’s.

Additionally, I’ve “seen” since last year that Marijuana has a mammoth potential for tax revenues from federal to local, based upon data collected just from the dispensaries alone.

For California alone, this is the redemption needed to save the state from total and absolute financial devastation caused by the greed of the mega corporations that control banking, medicine and food.

Believe it or not, this legalization is already occurring behind closed doors. The Federal Government benefits the most from the tax revenues of the manufacturers (the cigarette companies).

I’ve “seen” the prediction to be like this: the pharmaceutical companies will have the dominant interest in the growers, and the Cigarette companies will have control over manufacturing and distribution.

Be prepared for new laws, reforming marijuana laws and leveling the moralization of marijuana use to a norm, in a very short period of time, to facilitate sales and “Benefit the taxpayer in the long run.”

Conflicts will occur between the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies, based upon vested interests.

Notice how the cigarette companies will quietly place themselves in position.

Lastly, a new crime wave will create many jobs and task forces to combat the marijuana gang-related wars between independent growers and distributors until the corporate machine has control.

I realize this is quite controversial, much like my predictions of the future made in 1999 that continue to become valid even today.

I expect we will all see big change.

Only the future can validate predictions…. That’s my report for now.




The Sage Lady, Healer  The Natural Sage Herbals






Beyond  the actual process of fighting the virus with the fever and obvious symptoms, there can be extended health challenges.

Taking The Defender™ and Super Defense™  can be very useful in fighting the virus and it’s extended symptoms.  The Defender™ and Super Defense™ are not like chemical antibiotics. They work to fight infection and don’t store up in your liver, as do many pharmaceutical drugs.

The Defender™ is special, in that initially you take 1 capsule hourly during the first day to trigger your immune system to act. Take Super Defense™ twice, on this first day.

2nd day: Until the symptoms subside: take The Defender™ 4 times daily, and Super Defense™  once daily.   The extended symptoms such as lung: (shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell, loss of sense taste), brain: (brain fog, forgetfulness), and heart problems: (palpitations) may appear even when the fever dissipates.


Once the symptoms subside, reduce The Defender™  to 2 capsules daily, and one Super Defense™ daily, until the  extended symptoms begin reducing. Start the Lung Guardian™ and Naturprofen™ (Natural anti-inflammatory) daily. (Take Lung Guardian™during the day, as it is slightly stimulating to the nervous system.) Naturprofen™is okay for nighttime use.

Lung Guardian™ helps repair the damage COVID-19 created in your breathing and ability to smell and taste. (Take during the day, as it is slightly stimulating to the nervous system.)

Adding Naturprofen™ when you take the Lung Guardian™  contributes to reducing the inflammation of your lungs, bronchials, and throat.

With combining Super Defense™, Lung Guardian™ and Naturprofen™,  you’ll be feeling better.

For your brain and heart, take Super Circ™. Super Circ™ works to improve circulation, not just in the heart, but also the brain. The blood has been infected for a length of time with COVID-19, and will take a while to recover.

The value of my formulas continues in your advanced recovery by use of  Super Circ™ to increase the nervous system’s ability to function for the brain and heart.  (Take (1) during the day, as it is slightly stimulating to the nervous system.)

This combination: (Super Defense™, Lung Guardian™, Naturprofen™, and Super Circ™) may take a few weeks until you no longer feel any symptoms, and your breathing is better.

 Once you can smell again, you’ll notice your sense of taste (lungs)  will return shortly after, continue with the Lung Guardian™(1) and Naturprofen™. (1-2 day)

After no more issues with lungs and throat, discontinue the Lung Guardian™ and  both The Defender™ and Super Defense™.

Continue with Naturprofen™(3) daily for inflammation, until you no longer feel any inflammatory symptoms.

Continue with Super Circ™ for 6 weeks or more, until you feel your normal energy, and your brain fog is gone.

One last note: My formulas were effective with H1N1 in  2009-2010 with school age children and adults. testimonials

Helpful links to learn more about the formulas and combinations:


2021 catalog

 I’ve been offering weekly DISTANT HEALING every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM E.T. by donation PayPal, since March 2020. Please make use of this opportunity to make yourself well.  Call 757.541.8646 and leave your message each Saturday, that you’re attending, and add your areas that need my healing attention.

For orders/appointments:

Please leave your name and number with best time to return your call.


The Sage Lady, Healer & The Natural Sage Herbals

I’m wishing all of us good health.


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The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on all of us. It looks like we will still be dealing with the pandemic this year, and unfortunately, perhaps next year.  We’re all under a great deal of stress with so many changes and alterations to our lifestyles and careers.

if you’re having a difficult time dealing with the feelings of overload, and you choose to take natural supplements, then my formulas will work.  Serene Day™ ($29) has the natural herbal combination that supports balanced moods and positively affects anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.  Serene Day does not affect driving, or alter thinking.  Serene Day™ combines well with Cardioguard™ ($16) for very anxious times.

“When your day gets the best of you, have a Serene Day™ instead!”

If you’re having unfocused days, and cannot concentrate, try Bright Thinking™($16) or BrainMax™($18) to get back on track.   Life doesn’t have to be difficult, if you prefer not to use prescriptions. You have safe options. My natural formulas have a long and positive history.

Call 757-541-8646 and leave your name and number with the best time to reach you. Your order is taken over the phone and an invoice is emailed to you. Payment is secure through Paypal.

2021 catalog

Call to order: 757.541.8646

The Sage Lady, Healer & The Natural Sage Herbals



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While I was working on reformulating Slumberease™ I had an epiphany.  It turns out what can help you gain more peace during the day is taking Cardioguard™or Serene Day™.  Yup.

How they work:

Cardioguard™ during the day helps relieve over-thinking and anxiety from multi-tasking, by calming the nervous system.


 Taking a Cardioguard™ 2 hours before drive-time while already stressed by the day, will ease the stress of the drive.  Add to that, a half an hour before bedtime take Slumberease™. It will help you fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep.

So, take back control for yourself, and curb the  anxiety with Cardioguard™ ($16). And rest easy with Slumberease™ ($26).   Really.

Note: Cardioguard™($16) is not intended for every day use. Serene Day™ ($29) is useful as an every day formula for calmness.


Call to order: 757.541.8646

The Sage Lady, Healer & The Natural Sage Herbals



“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”

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This is a long-awaited post….Since the first week of September I’ve been working on improvement trials of my Slumberease™ formula.

I began this re-make of Slumberease™ as my Herbal Nerve™ formula is a great sedative, but does not create good rest during this Pandemic. And, there is a lot of stress and serious insomnia out there.

So, I got right to work.

I’m happy to say after 39 variations on the trials we now have a wonderful improved Slumberease™ formula!

Here’s how it works:

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. What you’ll notice is you’ll feel a slight warming sensation that will reach your feet. Following that, will be the yawning. That’s your cue to be in bed, ready to get some well deserved rest.

Now, if you awaken for whatever reason, and feel unable to get right back to sleep, just take 1 or two more capsules. (Maximum dose: 6 capsules-No grogginess!)

The Pandemic was THE reason to remodel Slumberease™, as people have been exhausted. They are also afraid to get a drug (even over-the-counter drugs), unfortunately, due to the great levels of dependence they promote.

It is very important to get restorative sleep to allow your Immune System to regroup and build those T-Cells, to protect your most valuable asset: your good health.

Slumberease™ is non-addictive, non-groggy, all natural, and organic.  Don’t take stimulants like coffee or tea after about 3pm to allow for a good time-space for Slumberease™ to settle. Also, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, as they will potentiate Slumberease™.

You’ll find Slumberease™in the Nervous System in the 2021 catalog 

I look forward to your continued wellness, and restful nights.

The Sage Lady Distant Healing and The Natural Sage HerbalsPeace.


Call or text your orders: 757.541.8646


The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

The cool weather can bring any number of colds, flu and viruses to your home and family, including your fur babies.

Personally, I take one Contender daily, as preventive care beginning in November till January, every year.

From January to May I take Immune Vitale to to rebuild and strengthen immunity.

From June to November I start again with the Restoreformula.

The end of 2020 through 2021 is far more intense due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’re dealing with the flu virus and colds, and they’re complicated with respiratory infections.

I wholeheartedly suggest my formulas to not only combat all of the above, but also to contribute to your wellness.  Be cautious with any foods and beverages with sugars as they tend to reduce your Immune System’s ability to fight infection. Also, get plenty of restorative sleep.

Lastly, try not to worry. We’ll make it through 2021 by being careful, smart and safe.

(For more information ContenderRestore™ and Immune Vitalecan be found in the Immune System  of the 2021 FORMULA CATALOG )

 The formulas to keep handy in your stash for staying well are:  

The Defender  Take 1 cap hourly the first day to combat newly acquired symptoms; then several times daily, until a day or two after the symptoms are completely gone.  (For more information, The Defender can be found in the Immune System  of the 2021 FORMULA CATALOG



Super Defense  To take 1 or 2 caps daily until the symptoms are gone. Combine with taking The Defender to stave off serious symptoms from advancing.  (For more information, Super Defense can be found in the Immune System  of the 2021 FORMULA CATALOG


The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

Cold & Sinus Defense  For head colds/upper respiratory infections.   (For more information, Cold & Sinus Defense can be found in the Respiratory System  of the 2021 FORMULA CATALOG


FluMax For comfort from Flu symptoms: aches, nausea, fever. (For more information, FluMaxcan be found in the Respiratory System  of the 2021 FORMULA CATALOG

Get Restore to take after you’re well again, to rebuild immunity.

Link to downloadable 2021 FORMULA CATALOG

A special note:

You can spread your “bugs” to your fur babies, so treat them with the same cautions you would everyone else. (They can get upper respiratory infections and flu.) Wash your hands often, and disinfect surfaces that you touch. Refrain from extra close contact until you are no longer symptomatic, to avoid unnecessary vet bills.

The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

Call 757. 541.8646 and leave a message to place an order. (Text if you’re a current client.)

The Sage Lady™ does not offer products or services for the purpose of diagnosis, prescription for, treatment of, or claims to prevent, mitigate or cure any disease condition. The statements made on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.    

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The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


Since all or most of us will somehow have more time on our hands and will be at home more, I received a message in a dream this morning that was directed for me to share:


“We’ll be courageously exploring new terrain, and will be open to learning new ways of thinking and being.  The Divine Spark in all of us will lead us through whatever challenging situations we face.”



The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary



I’ve been asked to offer guidance/suggestions about which formulas to take when feeling unwell, or when exhibiting the corona virus flu-like symptoms.

I suggest The Defender™ hourly, when having symptoms.

(Or taken quite often, if self quarantined, with slight symptoms, such as chills or cough.)

Super Defense™ at least 4 times a day, to saturate your system with natural antibiotic combined with The Defender™.

With the cough, the Cough Ease™ helps in silencing the cough spasms.

And to contribute to immune wellness, I suggest Restore™. Only one or two a day is enough.

Below are the secondary formulas to have on hand as well. All formulas are 90 count packages:

Flumax™ for the nausea and body aches.

Cold/Sinus Defense™ for the head cold.

Fever Defense™ for assistance in reducing fever.

Herbal Nerve™ to help you get to sleep and get the needed rest to regenerate.

Lastly, I want to share my policy on epidemics/pandemics:

With H1N1 in 2009-2010, I imposed a firm rule that I do not offer bulk orders for any reason; and this rule applies for this pandemic.

I use PayPal. PayPal accepts your debit card/checking account, and credit card.  PayPal also has PayPal credit.  Your orders are taken by telephone. An invoice is emailed to you. Once the invoice is paid, your order will go out.

I don’t see anyone in person. And I don’t accept cash or checks in the mail. No exceptions.

I support you in this crisis, and offer a few common sense suggestions:

If you feel bad, stay home and get sleep, often. (Self-quarantine)

Of course, drink plenty of water.

Don’t drink alcohol. The sugar in it alone, will hamper the proper function of your immune system.

Keep your meals small with less starch and meat, and lots of veggies, for the vitamins.

You know all the sanitizing processes. Please do them often, and thoroughly.

If you have a cough, put a heating pad on your chest and back, to help silence the cough.

Ginger tea is good for coughs, adding a slice of lemon and a touch of honey also helps.

Peel the ginger, and shave the ginger into a cup, and add very hot water.  Steep for a minute, and drink while hot.

Take your Vitamin C and consume fresh fruit.

I’m hoping for the best outcomes for all of us.




The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary


“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”
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Your Good Health and The Corona Virus 3-5-20

We’re all tasked with an overload of stuff from work to our families, and our pets. With the Corona Virus (COVID-19) we have to be vigilant with sanitizing any surface that we contact. I recently shared someone’s post on one of my Facebook sites (The Natural Sage) that has a recipe for making your own sanitizer, naturally. This recipe didn’t work, according to the CDC.  A more CDC approved recipe is now on site. You can make your own wipes as well, and roll them to fit in a glass jar.  Fyi- Don’t reuse any wipes. Toss them after each use.

When H1N1 arrived in 2009-2010, my formulas were put to a serious test. They worked well. It was then that I found my formulas were also suitable for school age children. See below: Testimony from a woman with kids that came home from school sick all at once, and how quick their response was to return to wellness.

The Sage Lady and The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

Fast forward ten years, and we’re faced with a global pandemic, that goes well beyond 2010. No one was prepared for this. There’s rumor input that a vaccine may not be available for 12-18 months from now. That means whatever efforts we’re making may continue well beyond the end of Summer 2021, when and if, a vaccine becomes available. Till then, and beyond, it’s up to us.

Fortunately, if you do any searches for how to be prepared, you’ll find a plethora of helpful and not-so-helpful posts. Hand washing, not touching your face, and staying home if you’re sick, is good advice.  Go to bed early, and get plenty of rest. This contributes to strengthening the immune system, creating a greater ability to fight infections. Take your supplements, try not to consume much sugar. (Sugar can break down immunity) Take vitamin C and eat fruit. Drink plenty of water, eat your veggies.

…Common sense. We all know that much.

If you have to stay home and you have pets, don’t let them lick your hands unless you’ve disinfected and washed them thoroughly. If you have a cough, protect your pets from your cough the same as you would your family. You know…your pets are family.

The Sage Lady and The Natural Sage Herbal Formulas

My site has a good bit of information about how to use my formulas for colds, flu, and viruses. It includes suggestions for pairing my formulas to create the best and fastest outcomes.

In the event you don’t find what you’re looking for on the site, please give me a call. I’ve been in business 27 years, and am happy to help.

The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary



“I have 3 school aged boys and as you can imagine the germs that come home are amazing. One of the boys came home feeling very sick from school so I contacted you to get some Defender™. He started taking the Defender™ right away and after a short while started feeling much better. His fever was at 103 and by the next day the fever was totally gone and he was up running around again. A few weeks later I started getting a cough and just feeling very tired. I immediately swallowed two Defender™ right away. After a couple of doses I re-gained my energy back and my cough started feeling much better. We keep an endless supply around the house for anytime any of us start feeling yucky. The boys have even started telling friends at school about this “magic” pill that we get from Catherine when we are feeling sick. I have also started recommending it to family and friends because with all that is going around right now it’s nice to know that there is something that really works!!”  -T.W. Littleton Colorado

“I purchased the Flu Defender™ and The Defender™ in the midst of the H1N1 season and I am so glad I did!  I have a 3 year old son who is in day care four days a week, so naturally I am exposed to the germs that circulate quickly among the children.  When my son came down with a virus, I quickly began taking The Defender™ to keep myself healthy.  It’s difficult enough to take care of a sick toddler, but when you are sick yourself it becomes exhausting!  Not to mention kids require constant attention and love when they are feeling bad, so my exposure level is very high.  I consistently took The Defender™ while I was nursing him back to health, and I was able to stay healthy and avoid catching his cold!  In the past I would get so frustrated that every time he caught something I was not far behind him.  Now that I have The Defender™ and the Flu Defender™ I can relax knowing that I have a natural, safe way of staying healthy throughout the year! ” J.B. Parker, Colorado


“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”
© 2020 THE SAGE LADYTHE NATURAL SAGEAll rights reserved

We are Fully Entrenched in Widespread Flu

The Natural Sage 2019-20 Colds and Flu Season Formulas for Wellness

Feb. 26, 2020 Update: Ten years ago, when we were inundated by H1N1, The Defender and Lung Guardian formulas were effective battling it for the duration; which included school age children. With the Corona Virus (COVID-19) expect the same good results fighting the virus.  Additionally, Super Defense was added to the lineup a few years ago. Super Defense, like The Defender, kills bacteria and viral intrusions quickly, and is only used at the most, 3 times daily. Follow that with hourly use of the Defender to kill off what’s left of the virus.  

In 2010 it was because of the H1N1 flu virus that The Natural Sage Herbals became mail order only; to safeguard and protect production and expedite mailings.

Fortunately, for that, your orders are usually mailed out by the next day in priority mail.  In the event COVID-19 becomes the pandemic the CDC claims it will; then order your formulas as soon as you can  to protect yourself and your family.

Click on the above audio for additional input for staying well this cold and flu season.

Currently, due to Flu cases on the rise, all orders for Respiratory and Immune formulas are expedited.

Testimonies indicate when taking The Natural Sage formulas at the first signs of flu, symptoms subside, eventually diminishing.

 Here’s what you can do to rid  yourself and your family of the flu: 

If you think you’re getting the flu, take Super Defense at the first signs: dry throat, coughing, sneezing, nausea, vomiting, fever, aches sweats, fatigue, scratchy eyes, (dose: 1 or 2 capsules every 3-4 hours until symptoms subside.)  Add to this, The Defender, our premium natural antibiotic, (taking 1 to 3 capsules hourly until symptoms begin to diminish.)

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 All our formulas combine well with each other. Flu Defense is excellent protection with the effects of flu.  

Combine Flu Defense with Fever Defense, Throat Ease, Cold/Sinus Defense, and The Defender for the best natural antibiotic defense from Flu symptoms.

The Natural Sage 2019-20 Colds and Flu Season Formulas for Wellness

  Those who have not become ill can protect their Immunity.  The Restore™, Contender™ Immune Vitale™ and Green Mélange™ formulas taken daily, contribute to building your immune health.

On a personal note:

Normally, during cold and flu season from September to May, I’d take a Contender in the morning. This flu season began very early, and has quickly become widespread. Because of this, I’ve begun taking Immune Vitale in lieu of the Contender formula, daily. The fact that the flu season has become widespread for much of the country long before even winter begins, is a serious marker of a long, and possibly remarkable flu season.

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