Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Can You See Through Fate? 10-21-18

You’re seeking an education that unlocks your desire for understanding beyond current realities, including past lives; to see through fate and destiny.

Opposing Energies:  Unconsciousness, stubborn, resistant to change, obstacles

In your search, is it to learn about your workaholic trends as a sense of haste for unknown reasons? …Or is it an intensity toward your fated destinies?

Some of you now seek some work with groups that includes using your intuitions; that may lead you to revealing more details and/or obstacles about yourself or others.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Fate, destiny, awake, consciousness, choice, free will

There’s guidance flowing toward new directions of knowledge of secrets about health.

Right now, you’re where you can reach fulfillment of a cherished dream; or recognition/success of goals achieved!

Spiritual Currents™: Patience

Important documents are completed, and long term goals are getting accomplished.

Give special attention to new spiritual teachings for the messages they bring.



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