Early Flu Season 2015

To begin, I am not a doctor, nor a pharmacist. I am both an Empathic Healer and Compound Herbalist for 22 years.
July 21, 2015 was the first indication to me, something was awry. The flu silently arrived 4 weeks in advance of what seems the “norm” in our area.

The following are what I’ve noticed to date:

First: The dry throat. Not what you might expect to notice as a symptom. It almost goes unnoticed.
2nd: The runny nose, like a faucet. It’s a 2.5 box of Kleenex, runny nose.
3rd: The sore throat. The dry throat preceded the sore throat. An interesting thing about this dry throat syndrome: It seems your throat feels dry, but actually the nasal drip at some point kicks in, adding moisture to your throat. However, this moisture is stripping the throat’s ability to moisten itself normally.
4th: By this time the post nasal drip has begun in earnest.
5th: The cough. A dry, non-productive spasmodic cough. So much spasm that gag reflex fails and eventually vomiting follows. Coughing begins after about 4 days with this “Virus”.
6th: The dry scratchy eyes (I call them fever allergy eyes)
7th: The chills. Randomly feeling chills without having a consistent fever.
8th: A “Phantom” fever. This fever flashes or surges the body, but doesn’t register, nor does it stay consistent.
9th: The swollen glands. Both neck and your upper chest and underarms can have swelling and tenderness.
10th: Lymph Node overload. One can feel “Full” or swollen with excess lymph filling and sometimes storing in the lymphatic glands.
11th: Fever headache without the fever. Mostly frontal lobe.
12th: Lungs and sinuses hurt from so much drainage, and the inability to expectorate perpetuates this discomfort.
I may have missed some symptoms, but I want to get to more details…


So, folks have tried their local doc-in-a-box, and local physicians. Docs may have dispensed a script for a z-pack. Then they return two weeks later, still not better, and they are issued a 2 week antibiotic pack. Still, now it’s 3 months later, and these folks remain ill.
The problem is, this virus invades your immune system, and follows that with inundating your lymphatic system.
More so, those with chronic illnesses, and immune compromises are more prone, and get really sick.


Add to that, the hardy types are the “Working Sick”. They are in our stores, doctors offices, gyms and more. Each and every new exposure reaffirms the bacteria now in 3 systems of our bodies: Immune, Lymphatic and Endocrine.
Endocrine? Yep. Those with Thyroid and Lupus issues will note levels go off, meds have to be adjusted to compensate for this virus/turned bacteria.
The excessive fluids in the lungs and dehydration of the kidneys is yet another stress on the Endocrine system.
Enough. You guys get the drill.


I’ve created a “Super Flu” series to supplement your efforts to get well: “SF” Defense, “SF” Cold/Sinus Defense, and “SF” Lung Guardian. When you purchase these new formulas there will be a handout enclosed instructing how to take them. You won’t take the SF Cold/Sinus and SF Lung as often, as they will be very drying. You’ll welcome the dryness. I suggest to supplement these with the regular Defender between doses. Take regular Defender whenever you think of it. The “SF” Defense is no more than 4 times a day.


The purpose behind this process is to attack what is attacking your immunity, and enable your immunity enough to fortify your body. The more “fake normal” you create in your body, the more your immune system will mimic.


The purpose of these formulas is to assist those with immune deficiencies and antibiotic resistance to jump-start your immunity. By doing this, your Immune System may take over, mimicking the normal you’re creating, and feel fully fortified by the natural armor my formulas provide.


Your goal is also to disinfect everything, with either your Thieves, or wipes. I mean everything. Stay away from public places. Stock up groceries to stay clear of so much influx of the bug.
Get fresh air. Take your vitamins. Eat more veggies and fruits. Drink more water. Go to bed early. Stay warm.


Stay the course, and be vigilant. Your health is in your hands now, and it’s up to you to work at getting well, and staying well.


Questions? 757-541-8646 For the sake of brevity, please limit your questions to 5 minutes.

I’ll post these formulas on the site by Thursday.

And, I’ll  add them to the ” Sale Now!” page.



“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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