Romantic Music for Valentine’s Day

I’ve compiled a brief list of romantic music for your Valentine’s Day…. Enjoy


“Simply Beautiful” Queen Latifah
“For All We Know” Bridges of Madison County
“This is Always” Bridges of Madison County
“Desire” Boz Scaggs
“You’re My Thrill” Diana Krall
“Lost up in Love with You” Kenny Rankin
“Someone Like You” Van Morrison
“I’ll be Your Lover Too” Van Morrison
“Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for you” George Benson
“With You” The Moments
“Cause I love You” Lenny Williams
“You Bring me Joy” Anita Baker
“I Want You” Marvin Gaye
“No Ordinary Love” Sade
“If I Didn’t Have You” Randy Newman
“Turn Me On” Norah Jones

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2 Responses to Romantic Music for Valentine’s Day

  1. Wendy Lucas says:

    GREAT Playlist. Will listen on Pandora . thanks for sending on .

    Happy Valentine’s day.



  2. purani98 says:

    Nice choice with Kenny Rankin, TNS. Buttery voice… TQ for all the reminders.


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