Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Collaborate With Others 2-20-16

It’s a fantastic day to collaborate with others in just about any creative endeavor!
So many creative energies are available that being clever and inventive may get you the improvements you desire!
Look for changes in education, a move, or in a business relationship.
There are enough ideas, creations, money, people, opportunities, etc… for making progress in business now.
Short commutes or trips are now in your future, perhaps to build business, and be fact-finding for your life.
Opposing Energies™: Miscommunications, delays, dishonesty, greed, self-doubt, discontent
While success is in the works, a few weeks to months will define the success of your efforts, so refrain from making plans on current actions until seeing the returns for your current efforts.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: Patience, steady, perseverance, organized, highly intuitive
A possibility that the new values in this past week’s reports, are directly affecting your relationships; and changes in love and business are now due, contributing to feeling more secure.
Spiritual Currents™: Perseverance
Letters, emails, phone calls, even visits, may seem unexpected and unplanned, opening new lines of communication, and possibly, romance.
Many will find serendipitous events or circumstances that clarify you’re making solid decisions.
Good News for Relationships™: In your desire to get more from life, you’re making the changes in yourself for your relationships.
Focus on getting to the truth in yourself over illusions you may have created in your mind.
The greater efforts toward stronger loyalties and giving more attention to partners, is rewarding you with a sense of personal fulfillment.
Feeling appreciated and loved in return is vital to you, so focus on your appreciations and loving expressions.
Those of you wanting more of a romantic feeling to the day likely will enjoy that experience, or at the least, an improvement in romance.

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