Eclipses and Energetics

Today is a fresh new beginning for all of us. While we have been experiencing symptoms of ascension, they were a preface of what’s to come.

We have two eclipses this month. A solar eclipse today, and a lunar eclipse on March 23rd.

What does that mean to the more spiritual/esoteric folk?  Plenty.

Typically, eclipse energetics are/have the tendency to shift/upset parts of life.

Starting today, we all have an opportunity to transform ourselves with ease. Because this is a global experience, somehow ,what we experience in changes, and what we transform in or out of our lives, is generic. We’re ALL experiencing it, on some level. Twenty years ago, I couldn’t even write this type of article! Ascension and energetics were not an accepted term to the growing consciousness.

Why is that important?

I’ve been thinking…
All my life so far, folks have called me “Too Sensitive” and would segregate me from the “Normal” folks.
This has at times been terribly disconcerting, and felt rather discriminating. I’m sure some of you have felt this also.
I have been environmentally sensitive; more so in the past 20 years. I can walk into a place and recognize airborne toxins, such as mold, or chemicals in carpets, paint, or from laundry-scented or not.
I’m aware of EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies) both indoors and out. I can feel when planes are overhead spraying chemicals…I look up and sure enough they are making contrails.
I pay attention to Nature’s anomalies, they trickle down to our air, water and food supplies. Bee populations are a great example. The more chemicals used in our crops more killing it is to bees, and other parts of Nature that support our agriculture.

Weather anomalies. The natural patterns of our atmosphere are soon on the way to more destructiveness; as the normal template is being erased by the seeding of our atmospheres to create desired weather conditions.

Sensitivities will range from digestive stress, to all-out intestinal/gastric overload.

Headaches: the aches will be in your eyes, and ache all through your teeth, to your jaw.

Body aches: Your joints will have some pains, and migrate to soft tissues. And if you aren’t active, your soft tissues will hold that pain. Better get out and walk, and soak in the tub…add in a cup of Epsom salts.

Organs: In particular, your kidneys will be feeling the power of this universal shift. Your kidneys will be working very hard to detoxify all the pains, aches and discharges through your blood. If your feet are sore regularly, it’s an accumulation of toxins, and your kidneys are trying to clean ASAP. When you feel that sore back, or sore feet , soak in Epsom salts for twenty minutes. Drink a minimum of 20 ounces of water, following.

Your brain as well as your kidneys will reflect being in process by your ears ringing. While it may seem like a distraction, it’s your blood attempting to raise its frequency to match the new frequencies.
And your dreams. This is a good time to allow your consciousness to acknowledge dreams. Record them. They have messages for now, and your future.

There are many more sensitivities I can write about, but you get my drift.

If you thought you were awakened before today, take note….Pay attention to the “New You” that presents by September 2016.

Those of you that dowse or muscle test for veracity, do so; for after a while it will no longer be necessary. You are becoming sensitive, also. Soon, our frequencies will match the current universal frequencies.

We are not all “Too sensitive”. This is the new normal. We need all these physical, mental, and spiritual alerts to sift through all the harm that is coming to our food, clothing, water and air. This is the new age of Light, and we are on the cutting edge of it. We’ll be riding this wave of light for generations to come.

So, part of these eclipses will result in some physical changes, for the good. (Our increased awareness will create dietary and environmental changes.)
The spiritual/sensitive changes are raising our consciousness to a more awake place.
Emotionally, we will also be making changes from friendships, to relationships, to relocating, for a higher good…our own.

We are here to be awake, and becoming. The more we are, the more we become.

Did I forget to mention the New Moon? Today’s new moon, I’m setting my intentions for this turning point in my life to be a smooth shift, and a joyous experience.


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