Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Our Focus: Friendship 3-25-16

Today’s focus: Friendship, great conversations, and wonderful charm.

In the event one of your friends or relationships takes an impulsive turn, maintain your practical side and be a good friend when asked, offering stability and grounded nurturing.

Opposing Energies: Fear, arguing, competitiveness

There can be a compulsion to dominate the conversation, ultimately drawing in conflict.

More often than not, the conflict is within.

The desire to control in conversation is fear based, coming from a personal lack or fear of not being adequate in the situation.

Wide Awake Words for today: Animated, cheerful, flexible, patience, cooperation

Take the middle road, sharing common interests and enjoy the company of others.

We all want the comfort and great energy of friendship today, including the stimulating conversations and social conditions.

The interesting part of this influence is the fact that all interactions lead to what I call “Adding Aliveness”.

By directing your attention to being positive and contributing to improving some quality in the lives of others, you’re “Adding Aliveness”.

Spiritual Currents: Harmony, unity, collaborations



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