Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” We Experience Breakthroughs! 3-26-16

Suddenly we experience breakthroughs!

Yes, it’s a beginning, a bonus; and even spending money becomes available.

For some, it may be a windfall, like a gambling win, or even an inheritance.

This could mean a project or a plan begins in earnest, bringing the anticipated rewards for all the efforts and time spent in the creation phase of operations in business or personal aspects.

Opposing Energies: Over-indulgences, greed, obsession, vacillation

Be aware that the possibilities of being a bit impulsive based upon good news could have a damaging effect with over-spending, over-eating and indecisiveness in love and romance.

Wide Awake Words for today: Contentment, love, acceptance, surrender

Good News for Relationships™: Someone special is possible; if you’re looking.

Today will feel uplifting and lighthearted, full of positive events and influences.

In particular, the feelings are so good, that having to make decisions with or about your partner may be challenging.

So, you may even consider saving decision-making for the day after tomorrow, and enjoy your relationship (regardless of indecisiveness) a little longer.

Spiritual Currents: Optimism

And, by the way, not every date has to be a possible relationship.

Sometimes it could be a fun date, period.

Just give it a chance.



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