Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake” New Skills and Innovation 4-13-16

Building on the progress already being made in business and personal relationships, new skills and innovation are taking precedent over old habits.

Opposing Energies: Delays, confusion, greed, promiscuity

New friendships and relationships benefit from a more serious approach to commitment.

Focus on long-term goals for personal recognition and capital gain.

Wide Awake Words for today: Organized, rapport, appeal, ambition

You’re a sponge…learning, gathering and developing yourself through the wisdom of whomever and whatever is presented to you.

Good News for Relationships™: You’re feeling more stability and permanence in your relationship.

Your youthful vigor and joie de vivre are prime attractants.

Is this the time you find your inspiration or some cutting edge development for work?

Spiritual Currents: Creativity

In the event you meet or have met your soul mate you may be prepared this time to be totally involved.



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