Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Your Life Process 11-17-16

Be aware of yourself, and your life process.

The laws of Destiny and Karma are in the works today.

The activities of the day may benchmark decisions and messages for trends in your future.

While some confusion and vacillation might occur, the greater part of today is intended for writing, or being artistic from your intuition.

Opposing Energies: Instability, arguments, fear, doubt

If you’re over-focused on stressors, the spiritual beauty of today’s artistry can dissipate.

The opposing energies of today provide the lessons to build firm foundations of powerful intent for your true purpose. (Not all negatives have to be devastating)

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Tenacity, opportunity, helpful, expansion

Your internal dialogues could propel you to a more intense awareness for your future, and to the personal growth you want to achieve.

This is a wake-up call.

Channeling the energy used in worry, stress and confusion, to a positive place, while adjusting to this new mindset, is key.

But, wait…There’s more…

Good News for Relationships™:  A chance meeting while traveling might be full of wonderful conversation and intellectualizing. If you’re afraid, and not inclined to strike up a conversation…rather than obsess on any negative or self-imposed restrictions, open up communications when the opportunity is there.

While meeting someone new is great, be wise, this is a beginning.

Refrain from pouring your ideals out. Take it slowly.

Spiritual Currents™: Growth



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