Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Hard to Concentrate 1-7-17

Finding it hard to concentrate today?

It’s a day filled with complexities.

Most important is to keep “Close to the Vest”, as not everyone is open and receptive to you, and they may even feel a bit combative.

Opposing Energies: Restlessness, superficiality, angst

This is a fast-moving influence, and the quirks/irks of today will flit by quickly.

Take the time to mentally examine any tiny issue that comes up, in particular relating to health, business and your philosophies.

Maintain personal integrity, and refrain from being narrow in your scope.

Wide Awake Words for today: Diversity, cooperation

Thinking and behaving from a more spirit-centered place will validate your connection to internal wisdom.

There’s a spiritual-magical quality to today, and rather than resist and bump around, allow spirit to flow in your day.

There is a small amount of luck in the day for you gamblers out there.

Spiritual Currents: Awareness

Being dependable, and in balance materially, combined with the mystical energy today; your personal wealth can benefit in a most positive way!



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