Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Practical Imagination 3-11-17

Meetings with women are stimulating and productive; concentrating on organization, practical imagination and efficiency.

Opposing Energies: Manipulative, willful, struggle

Master your business relationships with realistic marketing and prudent budgeting, rather than over-spending.

Wide Awake Wordsfor today: Personal mastery, cooperation, confidence

Being a good manager of money and having an internal spiritual barometer to handle issues fares you well today; rather than changing outside circumstances.

Open your expressiveness and intelligence, and parade confidence.

Good News for Relationships™: Your romantic relationship is settling into your life as you align yourself with your emotions and affections.

Your personal development, especially power over your life is in control, by virtue of your reigning in your desire to dominate all you see and experience.

Leave it up to others to get on your page, when they’re so inclined.

Spiritual Currents: Courage of conviction



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