Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” A Refreshing Change of Pace 3-21-17

We are enjoying a refreshing change of pace.

Regardless of the oppositions that I’ll mention after this, today represents not only opportunities in teaming, such as with your partner in life or work; it’s also as if we recognize the beauty and sweetness of partnering:

The caring, compassion and strength in the power blending of two people, and the combination of the energies making a third energetic presence, a new and powerful intention of two!

Delightful, to say the least…

Opposing Energies: Detached, uncooperative, obstinate

Now, for the opposition: Dueling, conflicting, argumentative, resistance to change; and lastly, conditionally partnering with another due to your personal insecurities- your feelings that going alone in life or business isn’t good enough.

Wide Awake Words for today: Focused will, determination, progress, cooperation

Reflect on your attitudes about yourself, and appreciate your own great qualities knowing in partnering you manifest and mirror your own intent.

Spiritual Currents: Authenticity

Remember as one, you’re a powerful force.

And when you add another, the harmony magnifies your vibrational field and allows for a more focused intent and awareness.



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