Today’s “Additional” Report: It’s Fall…A Great Time to Make Changes!


The Sage Lady here, checking’ in…What do I have for you guys this time?

Let’s see…I’ve had the opportunity to do some healing for someone who recently has been experiencing Gout.


While Gout is named for being a “Rich Man’s Disease”, many people in today’s world tend to experience some form of it.

Gout in its standard form relates to the big toe. Boy- oh- boy does it hurt!  Even air on the toe hurts! Ouch!


Gout can appear in other forms such as gouty arthritis…This form of arthritis feels like what one might expect to be as arthritis, however not only do your joints snap, crackle and pop more, they ache!  The soft tissues around them are inflamed from uric acid, which in turn affects the joints.


Uric acid is produced by the kidneys from eating and drinking in an indiscreet manner: drinking alcohol often, eating rich foods, drinking caffeinated beverages, not drinking water to dilute these foods, etc…The accumulation of Uric Acid foods day-after-day creates Gout. It will happen suddenly.   But, don’t think this is an unexpected event. You can expect it often, until you change your diet.  There’s more….


Oxalate Acids promote more uric acid AND contribute to crystallization of uric acid in the kidneys and ureters/urine which in turn leaches into the soft tissues and joints through the blood and lymph, contributing to Gout and Gouty arthritis.   Even folks with Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis can be experiencing symptoms from consuming foods high in Oxalate Acid.


  • Foods HIGH in oxalic acid include beets, soy, beet tops, black tea, chenopodium, chocolate, cocoa, dried figs, ground pepper, lamb, lime peel, nuts, parsley, poppy seeds, purslane, rhubarb, sorrel, beer, spinach, and swiss chard.


  • Foods containing MODERATE amounts of oxalates include beans (green and wax), blackberries, blueberries, carrots, celery, coffee (roasted), concord grapes, currants, dandelion greens, endive, gooseberries, lemon peel, okra, green onions, oranges, green peppers, black raspberries, strawberries, bread, cereal, bacon, crackers and sweet potatoes.

So, in order to reduce uric acid and oxalate acids from contributing to stress in the kidneys and converting to Gout in the body, first increase your water intake.  The normal, easy to remember rule of thumb for water intake, is to drink water that amounts to at least half your body weight!  Add more for increased activity, exercise, and hot, sunny days.  Water, especially distilled water, will help dissolve solids in the body, like uric acid; and contribute to dilution of oxalate acids.


Avoid, or at least reduce alcohol, caffeine, rich foods, and carbohydrate loading, as they contribute to uric acid overload big time!

If you plan to stop coffee/caffeine, the word of thumb is “titrate”, meaning reduce intake slowly, to desired amounts. (Stopping a caffeine addiction all at once can create a reaction in the body, like a severe migraine, to the point of having to get hospitalization…Proceed with care, and reduce slowly.)


Pay attention to your blood pressure, as gout has a relationship with high blood pressure. The more distilled water you drink, and with reducing consumption of Oxalate foods, you might even find lowered blood pressure!


The not-so-good news is this: continued dietary indiscretions, and sedentary lifestyles will create frequent bouts of Gout until joint damage occurs, or even kidney damage happens.


So, that’s my report.  If you have questions about my formulas or want appointments, leave a message at: 757.541.8646, and I’ll return your call.


Can you feel the cool, crisp air of fall descending on you?  Isn’t it lovely?   Now, get out and walk.  Take advantage of the fair weather!   Get to know your neighbors!  Sit out on the back porch and read, or text friends. Enjoy the low light of fall, it’s absolutely fabulous!


I look forward to your continued good health.




The Sage Lady


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