Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Initiation into a Higher Perspective 11-11-17

This day represents for some, an end of a previous way of thinking, and an initiation into a higher perspective.

Higher spiritual principles may now resonate, extending deeper into your life, even if just for today.

Opposing Energies: Manipulations, dishonesty, unsympathetic

You’re experiencing private joys and inner happiness, perhaps connected with a new love interest.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Charisma, connectedness, consciousness

A great amount of energy is flooding the gates of our souls today.

Intuition and healing forces are at work.

Spiritual Currents™: Intensity

Today, being an 11:11, (a distinctly vibrational date) we may be aware of subtleties going on in the background.
Did you dream last night? Are your perspectives different today?
Are you noticing departures in the normals of your day, or life, today?
11:11, whether it’s the time of day, or the date, is a time for awareness.

Vibrational changes occur at a faster rate.

This acceleration has an effect on so much; opening to greater personal change.
The activities of your day may even feel surreal!
Your encounters with others today seem to have a more meaningful regard for Truth.



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