Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Rise Above the Ordinary 3-17-18

Today’s influence affects romantic relationships, and business maneuvers.

The use of intuition in practical matters today will actually take the lead.

Your goal is to do things not just well or correct; but in an organized and imaginative manner, and rise above the ordinary.

Opposing Energies: Delays, over-focused, insincerity

Restlessness will influence your thoughts, and may be distracting.

This restlessness today acts as a messenger creating an awareness about making impulsive decisions, giving you time to reflect.

Wide Awake Words for today: Integrity, higher purpose, karmic awareness, stability

Good News for Relationships™: You’re intent is to establish commitment in your relationship and/or business, to solidify what’s already stable, and positively affect the outcome you desire.

Spiritual Currents™: Positive growth

On Relationships: Before making any decisions, reflect on your personal relationship, especially the emotional aspects involved; and feel complete internally, before asking someone to add to your vision for the future.

No worries if delays appear, as perhaps they present themselves for more internal dialogue before making important decisions.

P.S. – With a name such as mine, I better wish those that celebrate their Irish ancestry a Happy St. Patricks’ Day!   Sláinte!



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