Pollen Season and Allergies

Here in Hampton Roads the pollen season has begun.  I had sent a call out to a few clients that have pollen issues to stock up on their formulas to protect not just from symptoms, but to fortify their immunity.

Doing year-round immune building fortifies your system to deflect more efficiently the host of allergy symptoms.

This is such a collective time for colds, flu, and allergies until late June, so be smart, eat right and supplement your immunity.


I have a wide array of formulas to assist in your immune-building and protection from symptoms.

For example, my Cold/Sinus Defense™….It’s absolutely the last word in antihistamines.  Being all-natural and non-sleep inducing, it provides the dryness when your sinuses run amok. And, no drug-like haze that fuzzies the mind making one incapable of functioning.

The two Seasonal formulas: Seasonal Defense™ and Seasonal Allergies Complex™ are effective also with symptoms, and offer gradual immune building and allergen tolerance, all-natural, and no stimuli or sleepiness.

Both seasonal formulas have Bee Pollen in the ingredients, to facilitate tolerance to local allergens, in addition to having immune building properties.

Seasonal Allergies Complex™ is for the typical hay fever symptoms, like sneezing, watery eyes and sinus congestion.

 Seasonal Defense™ offers balance to those that have mostly congestion in the sinuses and upper bronchials.

For year-round preventive maintenance, I suggest my Contender™ formula. Taken daily, Contender™ helps stimulate immune building cells while fighting infection; and is highly recommended for immune-compromised folks.

Those that have greater requirements due to illness or chronic symptoms might consider my Immune Vitale™ or Restore™ formulas for protecting health that is at greater risk.

There are absolutely no fillers or excipients in my all-organic formulas that would further compromise your immune system.

Don’t forget! My 25th year anniversary sale on 90 ct. formulas continues! 12% off, plus free shipping on $100+ orders!


Consider simple to be your best line of defense.  Simplify your diet: no sugars, creams/sauces, or GMO-wheat, corn, etc….Eat fresh local produce and eggs, grass-fed meat, and deep sea fish- no bottom feeders.

Being outdoors may challenge.  Keep a damp towel in a baggie available to wipe down your hands, neck, face and clothing when returning indoors. (Do your eyebrows, eyelashes and hair, they are big pollen collectors)  Shower before bedtime to avoid bringing pollens to your bedroom.

Also, keep your windows tightly closed during pollen season, so your immune system is able to regroup.


In the event you have questions about my formulas give me a call, I’m happy to help.

(757) 541-8646.

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