Allergies and the Histamine Effect 4-11-18

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It’s mind-boggling how we can create harm to our bodies with food. I’m attaching several links to add to your information base regarding the foods you consume and what is happening to your health.

To start, I’ve noticed how folks (including myself) that have allergies are getting worse each year.  You’ll notice in reading the links that the foods we’re consuming are placing a body burden that manifests in food allergies from sulfites, oxalates, nightshades, mold in coffee and fermented foods, histamines and tyramines.

Many may have immune problems, or histamine intolerance that don’t register through blood work at the doctor’s office. It seems this collective problem is falling through the cracks.  Symptoms such as sleeplessness, brain fog, asthma, allergies, colitis, and gastric issues are some symptoms that seem to go on forever, with no relief in sight.

I’m suggesting we take matters in hand, as the dietary aspects can be corrected. Allergies can diminish by eliminating destructive foods, and by simplifying our diets.

I’ve crafted a new formula that may help symptoms, “Herbal-Hist”.  It’ll be available in a few days.

I’m also suggesting you consider taking Magnesium, Vitamin E, and Omega fatty acids  in addition to “Herbal-Hist”.

Changing your diet takes time, so observe your results, and track your benefits.

Look forward to reductions in symptoms the more changes you make.  Change is worth it to reduce allergies to pollens, fragrances, foods, pets.

Granted, some of these allergies can be more like Candida or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), but the benefits from changing may even reduce these issues.

Who knows?  It’s worth a try.


Links for your information:

Histamine Intolerance Syndrome | Marion Institute





 P.S.- I’ll post on Facebook when I’ll have Herbal-Hist available


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