Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Maintain Your Focus 11-5-18

While finances seem static, they are changing; maintain your focus on the details.

Cooperate with the natural flow of money and financial status; rather than pushing, and insisting on changing as you see it, now.

Opposing Energies: Impatience, stress, misunderstandings

Working and playing well with others produces unexpected results.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Awareness, partnership, balance, threshold

Good News for Relationships™:  It is clear to “the universe” that your desire for a partner in life is there, so it’s just a matter of matching people up with that desire.

Spiritual Currents™: Progressions

I might suggest that if you’re interested in someone, to make your presence known, as this is a great time for partner awareness!

Romance today takes on a mystical mood, so enjoy the subtleties.

You won’t have to be psychic to “get” some of the energies conveyed today…



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