Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Organizing for the Future 1-5-19

Take it easy, as the influences today relate to health issues and loss of work.

Not meaning illness or loss of work is inevitable; just that this influence is there.

So be aware of your health, and safeguard it.

Loss of work may imply a shortened day, and/or less work to do and an opportunity to do other things.

Opposing Energies: Resistance to change, negative attitudes

Other influences are, that closure is occurring with a key issue in your life.

Avoidance of negative attitudes is helpful in your achieving closure.

Wide Awake Words for today: Change, improvements, personal growth

Think of it this way: You’re clearing out and cleaning up to begin something new.

An example of both the influences of health and closure: You’re changing a negative health habit to regain better health, and keep your down time to a minimum.

Spiritual Currents: Progress

Also, eliminating a key issue in your life transforms your attitude, work and health.

Making long range plans today, incorporating new knowledge, and organizing for the future, brings settled feelings.



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