“Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” 2-1-19

Just a brief note:

I’m welcoming the new year with changes!

I’ve retired the current daily: “Today’s Report-Living Wide Awake”.

Starting today, there’s a new format: “Dreaming Magic”: The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams

Stay tuned!

“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living








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2 Responses to “Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” 2-1-19

  1. Melissa Stratton says:

    Hello Catherine, I just realized I was no longer receiving your daily emails and miss them! This one on 2/1 is the last I received. Guess I fell off your list, do I need to sign up again? Best, Melissa

    /Melissa Stratton /

    /Personal Relations Counselor/ ////// /Astrology, Tarot, Dream Analysis/ 570-839-7064 melwaz@ptd.net heavenlymessagesbymelissa.com

    /When we assert intuition, we are…like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes./ ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


    • Hello Melissa! I appreciate your interest. The last post for “Today’s Report” was January 31, 2019. I’ve changed my venue. No more daily. I announced the change on 2/1/19 on a post. Followed with a month forecast 2/2/19. The current one is an add-on for the early allergy season… You may want to follow my blog again… WordPress changes have bumped a lot of us off posting daily blogs, similar to Facebook; where our posts are buried for days….


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