The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2019

The Sage Lady Mercury Retrograde Post 10-25-19


After recently consulting with a client, I thought I might shed a little light on the “What to do” parts of this coming Mercury Retrograde…

First, I want to say this: I know how I can be insistent with what I teach in your sessions. It’s only because I tend to offer what I cherry pick from what I “see” as the hard parts and the difficult choices; including troubling issues. This is one of those times.  Mercury Retrogrades occur several times each year.  Save this post for future Mercury Retrogrades.


The Big Stuff

Update your anti-virus software on all devices.  Begin to review the spam folder in your email more often, at least until Mercury goes direct on November 20, 2019.

When you respond to email and anything online, resist the impulse to respond quickly. Check and re-check all documents, chats and posts before responding.

Do a quick check of your bill-pay dates, and whatever planned bills that will occur during this retrograde. Make sure you’re on track.

Check your accounts, for errors not made by you. They can get lost in the scuffle of a retrograde, and take a while to correct. And check your bank accounts more often during this retrograde.


 Make sure your vehicles are up to speed with their maintenance schedules. If not, you have a few more days before Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, 2019. Don’t forget your vehicle inspection!

Update your TV software, as they could get hinky during the process… And we know that’s no fun.

Check your home security, making sure it works as expected. The holidays are coming, and mail pirates will be back at it again.


Making big decisions.

Making big life changes.

Signing new contracts, buying cars/homes, etc…

Getting a new job

Starting a new business.

Be Aware:

There will be things that will require re-doing.

There will be delays.

And, there will be confusion.

It may seem as though you’ve begun speaking a different language, and some folks just don’t get you.

It’ll also be the reverse…

This retrograde will have us making a greater effort to be a “better” version of ourselves in order to get along.




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One Response to The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2019

  1. rotties2019 says:

    Thanks, Catherine. I appreciate you! Hope all is well. Lisa Porter Oxendine


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