I’ve been asked to offer guidance/suggestions about which formulas to take when feeling unwell, or when exhibiting the corona virus flu-like symptoms.

I suggest The Defender™ hourly, when having symptoms.

(Or taken quite often, if self quarantined, with slight symptoms, such as chills or cough.)

Super Defense™ at least 4 times a day, to saturate your system with natural antibiotic combined with The Defender™.

With the cough, the Cough Ease™ helps in silencing the cough spasms.

And to contribute to immune wellness, I suggest Restore™. Only one or two a day is enough.

Below are the secondary formulas to have on hand as well. All formulas are 90 count packages:

Flumax™ for the nausea and body aches.

Cold/Sinus Defense™ for the head cold.

Fever Defense™ for assistance in reducing fever.

Herbal Nerve™ to help you get to sleep and get the needed rest to regenerate.

Lastly, I want to share my policy on epidemics/pandemics:

With H1N1 in 2009-2010, I imposed a firm rule that I do not offer bulk orders for any reason; and this rule applies for this pandemic.

I use PayPal. PayPal accepts your debit card/checking account, and credit card.  PayPal also has PayPal credit.  Your orders are taken by telephone. An invoice is emailed to you. Once the invoice is paid, your order will go out.

I don’t see anyone in person. And I don’t accept cash or checks in the mail. No exceptions.

I support you in this crisis, and offer a few common sense suggestions:

If you feel bad, stay home and get sleep, often. (Self-quarantine)

Of course, drink plenty of water.

Don’t drink alcohol. The sugar in it alone, will hamper the proper function of your immune system.

Keep your meals small with less starch and meat, and lots of veggies, for the vitamins.

You know all the sanitizing processes. Please do them often, and thoroughly.

If you have a cough, put a heating pad on your chest and back, to help silence the cough.

Ginger tea is good for coughs, adding a slice of lemon and a touch of honey also helps.

Peel the ginger, and shave the ginger into a cup, and add very hot water.  Steep for a minute, and drink while hot.

Take your Vitamin C and consume fresh fruit.

I’m hoping for the best outcomes for all of us.




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