Noticing From First Group Healing 3-29-20


I thought I’d add what I noticed. One thing I forgot to record:  One of my guides touched in twice, and signaled my left ear. (Meaning a message is coming.)

I’ll add to this post after I get the message. **

Healing transpired tonight at many levels.

My brief audio has the details.



**The messages I’ve been receiving have been remarkable.


On the night of 3/30/20:


First.The experience. It was business as usual at bedtime.

Then, it started. So,I turned on the TV and couldn’t get Netflix.

Okay. I tried YouTube. Nope.  I chalked it up to throttling, because of everyone using the web.

So then,I loaded the DVD player and was ready to go. Clicked it on, and my clock radio IPOD charger turned on instead!  It was playing one of my favorite songs from Christmas: Elvis singing: “Mama Liked the Roses”.

It was at that point that I quit trying, as the gods/goddesses of electricity were obviously sending me a message.

So. No TV.


In the morning, I thought the events over. This isn’t a first event. I’ve been getting overriding messages since 1995.

In 2010, it was a scrolling message across the TV in Spanish!

I called a friend, and asked if she had it on her TV. Nope. Then it obviously was meant for me. The Message: “Abra los ohos!”

I google the translation:  “Open Your Eyes”  Okay. Things changed after that.


Fast forward ten years…

A month or so ago…I woke up around 2AM to the sounds of the smoke alarms beeps and the power going off and on. I called a couple people the next day and asked if the power went off at their place.


So, as you can see, there are now some crossovers going on from the other side, directing me, with great strength.


**Back to 3/30/20


The message was clear to me.  After my NDE, a woman guide was meeting me in meditations and dreams. She would tell me over and over to take care of my hands. She held my hands in hers, and we sat at this fountain while she spoke to me.  Back then, I didn’t know what was coming. -That I would restart my life in a different fashion than my past careers.


I kept dream journals, and gradually I would get dreams with recipes for my formulas. I’d try them out and they made me well. My clients wanted them also.

Still, The Lady kept coming to me, the same way at the fountain, and walking a bit, holding my hands.


I had a client on my massage table years ago tell me she saw a woman and smelled the roses. (The roses are her spiritual signature.)


My NDE  had The Lady appearing in a bright light (Then, all I saw was the bright light, and didn’t get her messages)  And the walkway to my townhouse at the time was filled with the aroma of roses in the first week of January.


Fast forward to today, and “The Lady” is now using electricity and Roses to get messages to me.

Now. I get it.

And this is why I’m a healer today.  I was probably the most reluctant to believe that I could be a healer, or to be conversant with the other side; and that my hands were so important.


I have no regrets. All the visitations and input I receive to date are definitely gifts. This is very real for me, and for those to date that received healing with me.


So, now the message is for me to do this healing on Sunday evenings at 7PM for 30 minutes.


All my clients since 1993:  Please just call my number and leave your name each Saturday that you want this healing experience.  I just need to hear your voice.


And that’s my report.



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8 Responses to Noticing From First Group Healing 3-29-20

  1. wlucas2 says:

    Catherine, I felt so relaxed and out of it.  Like totally altered. Very wonderful.  It was blissful. Thank you ! Very much.Wendy Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S8, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

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  2. rtjkaci1 says:

    Thank you for doing this!

    Miss Suellyn M. Danter, 214-803-1912


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  3. purani98 says:

    Awakened from an 8 hour restorative sleep to awareness of greatly reduced fluid in head, cleared sinuses, reduction of eye pressure, expanded lung capacity and increased range of motion in torso. Grateful family with Mia the cat sending love and light, Catherine.

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  4. Hello Catherine, I am not sure if you are offering a group healing session tonight at 7pm, as I did not receive your email yesterday or was I supposed to just call in and give my name? If you are doing it, would you please try to include me and my daughter, if possible. Many thanks and all best to you, Susan Sonderegger

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Susan! Nice to hear from you!
      The only requirement I have for recipients in the Sunday night weekly group healing is that they call each Saturday and identify themselves that they will be in attendance. The email that has gone out is to inform clients. So sorry that yours bounced. Please ask your daughter to speak just her name on the call also. Thank you!


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