Buy One Get One Free 30 Minute Distant Healing

Call 757.541.8646 with your information, and an invoice for your purchase is emailed to you.

After you purchase your session(s), call and schedule one or both of your appointments.

(You may combine the two sessions in one 60 minute appointment.)

Call the day of each of your appointment(s) with your questions, and so I may get your vibe.

With the purchase of several offers, you’ll call the day of each appointment, so I may get your vibe, and you may ask your questions.

On occasion, I’ll email my observations in a brief MP3 audio.

Conditions: Redeem your offer by scheduling your appointment(s) within 30 days of purchase.

Offer is void 30 days after purchase.




CatherineThe Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary



“The Sage Lady™ makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”



About The Sage Lady™
The Sage Lady™ offers daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and relocation forecast documents via email; or digital recordings. More offerings include: The Natural Sage™ Herbals Formulary, Dream Analysis, Distant Healing, Hands-on-Healing, Medical Empathic Analysis, and Spiritual Mentoring. Be sure to sign up for The Sage Lady's posts emailed to your inbox!

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