Distant Healing Every Sunday Evening Re-Post 7-31-20

My dream this morning prompted my input on the next steps to take with regard to the Corona Virus: COVID-19.

Beginning on March 29, 2020, I’m offering Distant 30 minute group healing on Sundays at 7PM ET.


Healing is a good outlet to help, while folks are Social Distancing.

In the event you haven’t experienced my healings, here is what you may notice:

Little feelings on your face, like a feather is touching your nose or cheeks.

You may feel warm;  or, you may feel like you’re drifting, like going to sleep.



Turn off all electronics, and unplug telephones, to create a quiet and restful space.

Sit in a comfy chair, or lie down. (It’s not likely you’ll notice anything if you aren’t in a resting position for the 30 minutes.)

Call 757.541.8646 and leave your name every Saturday, if you plan to attend. Those that receive healing know that my hearing your voice is enough to connect with you for healing. (Your pets may want to join you.)


This is my gift during the Corona virus crisis. Love offerings/donations are accepted.

Support for The Sage Lady Healing on Sunday


Please make that call each week, to insure your inclusion.


Call my number and leave your name each Saturday that you want this healing experience.  I won’t be answering your call. I just need to hear your voice to get your vibe.

I also post a brief audio of my notes for each Sunday.


An example, see:  https://thesagelady.com/3992-2/healing-diary-entries-notes-from-7-5-20-thru-8-30-20/


Peace, Love, and Good Health to us all.


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2 Responses to Distant Healing Every Sunday Evening Re-Post 7-31-20

  1. rotties2019 says:

    Catherine this is so sweet of you. I’ll definitely call in and participate. Will you also be online?

    Miss you. Blessings! Lisa 😃


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