This is a long-awaited post….Since the first week of September I’ve been working on improvement trials of my Slumberease™ formula.

I began this re-make of Slumberease™ as my Herbal Nerve™ formula is a great sedative, but does not create good rest during this Pandemic. And, there is a lot of stress and serious insomnia out there.

So, I got right to work.

I’m happy to say after 39 variations on the trials we now have a wonderful improved Slumberease™ formula!

Here’s how it works:

Take 2 capsules 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. What you’ll notice is you’ll feel a slight warming sensation that will reach your feet. Following that, will be the yawning. That’s your cue to be in bed, ready to get some well deserved rest.

Now, if you awaken for whatever reason, and feel unable to get right back to sleep, just take 1 or two more capsules. (Maximum dose: 6 capsules-No grogginess!)

The Pandemic was THE reason to remodel Slumberease™, as people have been exhausted. They are also afraid to get a drug (even over-the-counter drugs), unfortunately, due to the great levels of dependence they promote.

It is very important to get restorative sleep to allow your Immune System to regroup and build those T-Cells, to protect your most valuable asset: your good health.

Slumberease™ is non-addictive, non-groggy, all natural, and organic.  Don’t take stimulants like coffee or tea after about 3pm to allow for a good time-space for Slumberease™ to settle. Also, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, as they will potentiate Slumberease™.

You’ll find Slumberease™in the Nervous System in the 2021 catalog 

I look forward to your continued wellness, and restful nights.

The Sage Lady Distant Healing and The Natural Sage HerbalsPeace.


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