I’ve done a little searching online for reports on sleep troubles/insomnia/depression/and fatigue, due to the Pandemic; and found this great link:


healthline.comEndorphins: Functions, Levels, and Natural BoostsWhat are endorphins?Ever feel amazing after a good, hard workout? You may have heard that your “high” is caused by tiny neurochemicals released by your body. These neurochemicals are called endorphins. While endorphins might make you feel good after a long jog, there’s a lot more to know about…


If you’re unable to get exercise, try meditating  daily. 


My newly updated SLUMBEREASE™ (On page 6 in catalog) will help sleep issues.  And SERENE DAY™, my natural anti-depressant (on page 9 in catalog), will be of good use for those having difficulty with sleep. (This is taken early in the day-due to the endorphin stimulation)…


The purpose of SERENE DAY™ is to raise the endorphin levels during the day, and assist in regulating your day and night hours. 


SLUMBEREASE™ supports your sleep without the grogginess, and “drug hangover” that folks get from typical sleep pharmaceuticals, and some OTC drugs for insomnia.

Catalog link:  2021 FORMULA CATALOG


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