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In the early days of The Natural Sage™ formulas, I was asked if my formulas were vibrational. I said: “Probably, as I make them, and the formulas are mine, so, they carry my vibrations.”

 I shared that there were days I forgot to take my formulas, and took them the next day. A client asked me if I noticed any difference that day I didn’t take my formulas. I told her “No. There’s a benefit vibrationally in the formulas,” I said.

She didn’t judge. She was new to my formulas and work, and thought about trying the Feminine Essence™.  And did.  She called after ten days to report how much better she felt after taking Feminine Essence™. She also shared that she forgot to take her Feminine Essence™ one day, and they were still in her pocket.  She was surprised to find them that evening, as she didn’t experience any hot flashes that day.  She thought that was interesting.

One of her complaints besides hot flashes, was that she felt unattractive, and that really bothered her, as her sex appeal was important to her.  So she tried an experiment with the “Vibrational Aspects” of my formulas.  She left two Feminine Essence™ in her pocket instead of taking them, and watched to see if she was attractive to people, (particularly men). And she was!   She tried two different days with no Feminine Essence™ in her pocket, or by not taking any, and nothing! Zip! Nada!

So, that’s the story of how vibrational my formulas can be.

Try them yourself, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

P.S. During this pandemic, please don’t take any chances. Take all your formulas on time every day; especially if you have, or suspect you have, Covid-19. As everything you do to maintain wellness and improve immunity is vital to your survival.



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