The Sage Ladybegan in 1993 by its founder, Catherine Dougherty.  In her search for the right model to support healing and wellness, Catherine discovered a more holistic approach was needed. 


Catherine offers Distant Healing for wellness in many situations. See the Distant Healing page for more information.


I will do my best to contribute to your healing path.  Because healing is a co-creative effort, there may be small suggestions I may offer for your progress.  Also, if you have pets, bring them close to you so they may receive the healing benefits with  you.




Here are Some Unsolicited Remarks on my Distant Healing:


“I took no sleep formulas. It was your healing! You were right. You said it would put me out. It did! Wow! Very powerful! That was wonderful. I slept like other people. Thank you!”


Re: Healing to reduce eye pressure related to Glaucoma: “Got pressure checked. Last time it was 15. Now down to 14!”


: ‘No fever! None. All gone. I feel so much better. Hardly any pain. And I slept all night! So exciting and wonderful.”  “Thank you for being you.”





 The Sage Lady™: Healer

Catherine looks forward to your success and improved health.


  The Sage Lady makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 


© 1996-2022 The Sage LadyAll rights reserved



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