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 “It’s the intention of Alchemy™ to awaken your life by transforming limiting factors that detour your personal progress. The evolutionary process of Alchemybuilds new foundations to support the life you choose.” – The Sage Lady


Breaking Free of Your Past


Alchemyis a developmental process that affects release on a deeply personal level, initiating change to a wide-awake consciousness.  You will discover after completing an Alchemy session that your past experiences may be your recurring life lessons.

There are plenty of choices you can take to change. Choosing Alchemy’s process is a great decision. Why? Because it works on so many levels with turning points you’ve been seeking. Alchemy tends to re-pattern past, present, and future; physical, spiritual, or emotional issues, one at a time.


Facing Your Shadow


If you’ve done regression work, and continue to have related issues, look to Alchemy for change in those issues. The trouble with some regression work, is that once completed, and the findings have been revealed, and no closure is achieved; the window to that regressive event in your life is wide open. Alchemy offers change at core levels particularly with regressive work, as the change effects after Alchemy are often significant.


In relationships and bonds, some folks have found Alchemy helpful with personal entanglements of decisions and vows, and trans-generational ancestral karmic issues trickling into their lives, wreaking havoc.


When it comes to your search for authenticity in life, the mindful process of Alchemy often re-writes your current tapes, clearing away inherited trauma, mind-clutter, and programming of the past.


“The moment you change your perception, is the moment you re-write the chemistry in your body.”
-Dr. Bruce H. Lipton


Alchemy is a process that cancels negative personal programming that has a detrimental effect in relationships, and through generations.  Alchemy is a vehicle of change for heavier themes of endings and loss, and transforms them into personal growth. Much programming has been either by choice, or by evolution in families, schools, employment, relationships, peer pressure, etc.


When one finds fallibility in life’s core issues, they seek substitutions to fill the void: a change in relationships, addictions, or employment. However, these efforts don’t seem to correct; as all the instability in the background remains unchanged. And any efforts to change are alienating all the more. This is where Alchemy achieves.


Alchemy incorporates interactive discussion to accelerate dramatic positive change within one’s mental, emotional, and physical realms; including within one’s relationships. The unique Alchemy process is feedback in perspective; concurrent with transformation.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could easily liberate detrimental blockages and old mindsets like addictions: food, sex, beverages, drugs, sugar, and codependency? Or to contain issues, such  as: abandonment, denial, avoidance, shame, anger, fear, self-doubt, and isolation, with transforming clarity? Releasing these can be freeing.


On completing an Alchemy session, you may feel a sense of personal well-being. You’re better able to master some situations in life; or gain control over your feelings.  It’s possible that you’re more able to accept, appreciate, and value yourself and others, in deeper ways.


Wouldn’t it be great to let go of the past, and live your best life? Make it best for you, first.


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What I’m talking about is Epigenetics. Below are links to offer depth and validity to my process of Alchemy. While Epigenetics trickles down in DNA, it is also expressed in cells; even to future generations. This trickle-down effect is where my Alchemy process ventures.  Some researchers even say trauma, and PTSD passes into DNA and the cells, becoming trans-generational.


Loyalty reward: $45 sessions (“Emotional Remedial Therapy™“clients from 1997-2004)


Below are several links on Epigenetics.  They provide background in this cutting-edge work.


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