Alchemy: A Transforming Process

Alchemy is formatted subjectively in order to remove illusions.

Alchemy’s goals are to empower women to discover the fundamental value of loving themselves, of transforming their inner-critic, and to open their personal perceptions. Oftentimes, we lose ourselves in the context of our troubles, and reduce our interactions with others, creating alienation in social, personal, and family situations.

The ultimate goal for each Alchemysession is to break free of the emotional bonds, core woundings, unresolved experiences,  and decisions, that held you hostage in your life; and to open up a new awareness by becoming more of your true self.


For your appointments:

Alchemy is a process of two appointments per session. The first appointment is 45 minutes. The second is the wrap-up for about 15 minutes. Your Alchemy  session doesn’t end with your appointments. Anticipate personal development, and growth.

We’ll discuss whatever ancestral or personal karma, physical pain, PTSD, trauma, and sometimes chronic illness you may present for your session. You will have one issue in mind to change. After the details have been gathered, you’ll return for a brief follow-up appointment for closure.


Choosing one ongoing or past issue in your life.

Your 45 minute telephone appointment may contain details from a personal issue, or a conflict in your place of employment. Please be prepared for your appointment with an issue that could benefit from closure.  For your 2nd telephone appointment, you will participate in closure, which may open up your personal awareness.

  • You may resolve a problem or difficulty.

  • You may disentangle from an issue that promoted emotional pain or exclusion.

  • You will experience closure, enabling a sense of personal validation.


 An example:

Alchemy being a transformational process, involves clients’ critical decisions that continue to invalidate. The critical decisions may have been revealed in regressions, past lifetimes, and repetitive karmic experiences (negative) that continue to be harmful for the client. Negative mind shifts are often created by emotional drama from divorce to mental abuse, or physical trauma, abuse to PTSD.  In Alchemy, the discussion redistributes, and balances, creating a subtle positive mind shift.


With the creative use of the spoken word, the emotional content becomes diffused, often times resulting in the conclusion of physical manifestations linking to the issues.  The use of Alchemy following regressions contributes to closure on several levels: physically, mentally and spiritually, like “Peeling of the onion”.


(Clients that have done regression therapy, experience chronic and metaphoric physical and mental ailments from re-visiting problems of the past. And, due to lack of closure, find that with the Alchemy process, issues modulate.)


In the Alchemy process, personal expansion occurs beginning with the brain neurons firing at the synapses and linking to positive thought. (In lieu of being lost in the context of both current and past issues.)  The body’s cells begin freeing reality from illusions, and re-pattern toward well-being; and the less than positive pathways are averted. What then follows that positive thought becomes a positive health process; and the body’s cells no longer follow the old thought pattern.



Your privacy is protected.  You’ll be provided with a privacy document.


“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything -anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.” Thich Nhat Hanh


Disclaimer: Alchemy is not mental health therapy. It’s a personal format that exposes views of situations that create chaos in your life. For some, it can be family issues, personal conflicts, or employment politics.


Fyi: Denial is an indicator of an issue. Try not to avoid it.


Hoping for different is like “trying” which is an intention to fail.” -The Sage Lady


If you’re seeking change that’s fully developmental, Alchemy is for you.  Each Alchemy session presents to your body and mind opportunities for closure. And, based upon research in Epigenetics, Alchemy repatterns the brain cells and DNA, and resonates through the body, effecting change.


On the average, it takes two weeks to twenty eight days for some changes to full-out take effect in your physiology.  You can expedite your development by drinking plenty of water every day.  Plus, take Epsom Salts baths for two or three days after each 2nd appointment.


Please call, and leave your name and number for the appointment waiting list. Appointments begin in late July.   (Or leave a message for a return call.)




Alchemy Session (2 appointments)


Ordering is simple: Current clients call or text your order!

New clients call my office to establish your name and email on file.

If you leave a message, please provide best times and your telephone number, for a return  call.

Your invoice is emailed to you with a link to click and securely pay through PayPal.

  Once prepaid, we’ll set your appointment.


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“The Sage Lady makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. The Sage Ladymakes no claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.” For important decisions, use your personal intuition, consult your doctor, accountant, lawyer, educator, or clergy when needed. Be informed on all levels.
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