Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Karmic Challenges 8-20-17

Today might bring some Karmic challenges to the surface.

The responsibilities of Karma may seem strong, and being afraid to do your part determines your resistance.

Opposing Energies: Broken promises; opposition, disappointment, careless spending, indecision, untruths

Consider what you deliver to others that universally delivers to you.

Avoid feeling forced to compromise or make adjustments, and take it in stride.

Rest assured, lessons learned and applied in your daily life activities are an aggregate of Karmic service.

Despite Karmic influences, be open to ideas/plans for awareness of purpose and awakening of intuitive senses.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Choices, efforts, expansion, cooperation, truth, purpose

With collective efforts we are able to make progress.

There are plenty of possibilities for promoting and developments, provided the pursuits are wholehearted.

Good news is on the horizon with personal aspects, including loved ones.

Spiritual Currents™: Movement.



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