Supply Chain/Market Shortages and The Natural Sage Herbals

Dear Customers and Friends:

You’ve probably heard or experienced the supply chain for raw goods has been, and continues to be strained world-wide.

The price increases for my herbal ingredients have been drastic since 2019, and especially 2020/2021.

I’ve held off increasing my prices for almost two years, and cannot any longer.

I’ve always resisted price increases in the past. However, it’s time to increase my prices to reflect the true cost of my products due to pandemic shorting.

I’ve also had to discontinue some formulas in order to maintain the priority formulas.

I may bring some discontinued formulas back after the pandemic, provided prices stabilize.

Price increases begin today. The catalog will reflect the increases.

2021 catalog

I appreciate your business, and hope for a better and healthier future for us all.



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