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It’s full-on allergy season here in Hampton Roads.  I have a good selection of formulas for allergies. I’m going to share some personal experience, to help you make informed choices:

The pollens have become increasingly worse. I’ve been using my formulas that work to stop the nasal drip that makes most of us miserable with anything from a sore throat and losing your voice, to the chronic drip both down your throat and from your nose. (I thought last year was miserable!)

Here’s some details from my experience:   I take the Seasonal Allergies Complex™ in the morning, as it helps stimulate my Immune and Respiratory Systems to fight symptoms.  However, this year, more is needed. So, I added taking the Cold & Sinus Defense™ in the morning, again midday, and sometimes at bedtime. It doesn’t keep me awake, or put me to sleep.  I also take Slumberease™ for restful nights.

So, try your Cold & Sinus Defense™ during the day to see how great it works to curb the nasal drip. Then, try it at bed-time on a weekend. (Just in case it might keep you awake.)

One last bit about allergies…I’m sure you all know that after the sun goes down, pollen become less; as with rainy days.  I benefit by sometimes alternating Cold & Sinus Defense™ with Cold & Flu PM™ during those lower pollen days, for night time allergy symptoms.  …You’ll figure it out.

On Slumberease™…  I spent several months re-working this formula. The older version just wasn’t effective enough for the high anxiety so many of us have experienced since the pandemic began.  (So I made 41 versions, until #42 made everyone happy, including myself.    Slumberease™ is (of course) an all organic herbal  formula that’s effective for restful sleep.  You can take several capsules in a night after testing their effect.  No problem.  No side-effects, no morning grogginess, and good rest.

Taking Slumberease™ at night, is a breeze, combined with Cold & Sinus Defense™.  If Slumberease™ is too much for you, try my Cold & Flu PM™ or Herbal Nerve™.  I prefer taking Cold & Sinus Defense™, with my Slumberease™. (So I don’t wake up choking)

To order, call or text 757.541.8646.   New clients, call with any questions, or to place your first order.  Payment is thru PayPal. I don’t collect credit info, just  client data for shipping.

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