Catherine, a gifted Medical Empath, has been providing analysis from photo images and voice patterns in wellness consultations for 25 years.


 Catherine’s analysis benefits many therapists and practitioners:


  • Massage therapists seeking input with difficult neuromuscular issues, muscular/ligament, and skeletal issues in their clients.

  • Life Coach/ Essential Oil Therapists benefit from Catherine’s input to reveal conditions and maximize client potentials.

  • Medical Intuitives seeking more details for readings.

  • Psychics seeking greater depth in readings.

It’s helpful to supply both past and recent photo images, and voice recordings if available. (Your clients confidentiality and your own are protected.)

Prepayment of a $140 retainer provides an hour of consultations.

Several consultations may be accomplished in that hour.

Your consultation is digitally recorded in a .mp3 file, and emailed to you.

Please add your current email address in your PayPal, in order to send your recorded consultation.

Prepayment for your appointment is through PayPal.  PayPal accepts credit and debit cards.

(You do not have to have an account in order to pay through PayPal.)


Ordering is simple: Current clients call or text your order!


New clients call my office to establish your name and email on file.


If you leave a message, please provide best times and your telephone number, for a return  call.


Your invoice is emailed to you with a link to click and securely pay through PayPal.


  Once prepaid, we’ll set your appointment.


 Call and place your order today : 757-541-8646



 Your recorded .MP3 analysis arrives in email.




Call and place your order today : 757-541-8646




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Catherine looks forward to your success.


(757) 541-8646

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