It starts with a pressure in the center of your chest for several days.


Then, a dry throat. (This dry throat feels like you slept with your mouth open, or spent the night snoring) Eventually this dry throat becomes a nasal drip down your throat. Then the virus makes its way to your upper bronchials and it stimulates a spasmodic cough. This cough is hard to control, especially when lying down. Prop yourself up at bedtime; enough so you’re at an angle higher than your feet.. While sleeping at an angle may seem difficult, it will beat spending a sleepless night coughing.


Chills. These chills are not associated with events, like watching a scary movie; they are clearly independent. You’ll get chills over and over. Even when the fever hasn’t escalated beyond 99 degrees.


A headache. The headache gets worse as the virus continues, and makes it difficult to sleep.


Scratchy, dry eyes, sneezing, and coughing, and/or a slight “Sinus Infection” that lingers. (Sneezing, or coughing, or a slight “Sinus Infection” may be the strongest indication of the virus.)


Fatigue.  All it takes is sleep deprivation for long periods, and the fatigue will trigger immune issues such as Rheumatoid Arthritis “Flares”; or escalate Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms If you have these autoimmune disorders/diseases, it’s worth getting plenty of rest.


Aches.  This achiness is deep like a bad flu bug that lingers.


When this virus ventures deep into the lungs, a loss of sense of smell anchors itself.


Flares. If you have autoimmune disease/disorders pay attention to the “signs”. You can have flares like swellings, redness in joints, and slight symptoms from the disorder you may have. Why? You may not experience fully your auto immune disorder, but….the flares will indicate you either have the corona virus, or have been exposed to it. Please self-isolate/quarantine to protect yourself from any further from exposures; and to protect those around you in the event you may soon have the virus fully.


Those with auto immune issues as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, IBD, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Addison’s Disease, Graves Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Pernicious Anemia, and also those with Lyme Disease may be compromised, and experience triggers that may accelerate the virus.


  Get tested if you have symptoms. Please wear a mask, and follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself and those around you.


What to do:


It’s important to avoid high-fat, high-sugar, and highly processed foods, as they may be associated with inflammation, which may trigger an immune response; and in our current pandemic could be life-threatening. Protect your diet. Keep it clean. Your immunity depends on it.


In the very near future we will not only be dealing with COVID-19, but the return of Swine Flu (H1N1), and perhaps other flu varieties for many months.


If you take care of yourself, eat right, and get rest, you have a fighting chance; provided you follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and wear a mask.




If you follow my posts and have looked thru my site for the best ways to use my formulas you know I share how best to use my formulas for different health compromises. I’ve been asked to share what I take every day to maintain wellness:


Usually 2 weeks before school would begin, I’d take the Contender™ formula in the morning. (one a day)

COVID-19 is a whole different scenario.


Here are the details:


I start out taking The Defender™ before I leave home, and a second Defender™ when I return. (People are walking around without masks, with no clue if they are contagious.)


On top of that, I take Immune Vitale™ along with my other supplements: Magnesium, a multiple vitamin/mineral, a vitamin E, vitamin D3, and Evening of Primrose. And my formulas: 3 Green Mélange™, Naturprofen,  plus Digestaid after meals (because disease begins in the gut), Naturprofen™ for inflammation, as COVID-19 is an inflammatory virus, and Slumberease™ at bedtime (I take 2, and if awakened, I take 2 more).



All Organic Formulas to Fight COVID-19:


The Defender (All natural antibiotic)

Super Defense (Extra strength all natural antibiotic)

Immune Vitale (Immune booster)

Lung Guardian (For chronic lung issues/compromises due to COVID-19)

Naturprofen (All natural anti-inflammatory)

Cold/Sinus Defense (For the “sinus infection”)

Slumberease (For restful, non-addictive sleep)



“I have 3 school aged boys and as you can imagine the germs that come home are amazing. One of the boys came home feeling very sick from school so I contacted you to get some Defender™. He started taking the Defender™ right away and after a short while started feeling much better. His fever was at 103 and by the next day the fever was totally gone and he was up running around again. A few weeks later I started getting a cough and just feeling very tired. I immediately swallowed two Defender™ right away. After a couple of doses I re-gained my energy back and my cough started feeling much better. We keep an endless supply around the house for anytime any of us start feeling yucky. The boys have even started telling friends at school about this “magic” pill that we get from Catherine when we are feeling sick. I have also started recommending it to family and friends because with all that is going around right now it’s nice to know that there is something that really works!!”    T.W. Littleton Colorado


“I purchased the Flu Defender™ and The Defender™ in the midst of the H1N1 season and I am so glad I did!  I have a 3 year old son who is in day care four days a week, so naturally I am exposed to the germs that circulate quickly among the children.  When my son came down with a virus, I quickly began taking The Defender™ to keep myself healthy.  It’s difficult enough to take care of a sick toddler, but when you are sick yourself it becomes exhausting!  Not to mention kids require constant attention and love when they are feeling bad, so my exposure level is very high.  I consistently took The Defender™ while I was nursing him back to health, and I was able to stay healthy and avoid catching his cold!  In the past I would get so frustrated that every time he caught something I was not far behind him.  Now that I have The Defender™ and the Flu Defender™ I can relax knowing that I have a natural, safe way of staying healthy throughout the year!”    J.B. Parker, Colorado



PDF Catalog for more information: 2021 catalog 


Covid-19 has no boundaries, and we should take extra precautions to safeguard ourselves, and those we love.


If you have any questions, my site has more information about the uses of my formulas.  Call with additional questions.  Order to keep stock on hand, to prevent an exposure.


Please be patient with the order and shipping process. No one knows what the future brings, or how long it will take. We’re dealing with new normals on a daily basis.


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Info on formulas for Covid-19 1-1-21


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I look forward to your continued good health.


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