Working with Cancer

In summer 2019 I had the opportunity to work with a client that had lung cancer. His years are advanced, and his resignation and skepticism were apparent. His neighbor and friend knew of my work, and suggested it to him. He thought about it for a while and balanced it with discussions with his family.  He decided to give it a try. He didn’t tell me where the cancer was, except that it was in his lungs. After the first couple of appointments (local) he seemed rather chipper. I asked him for progress reports at the beginning of each appointment. He couldn’t be sure, but after a week, he noticed he felt a little better.



His progress became apparent. He stopped using a wheelchair. He began using a walker. He was sleeping longer, feeling better. He wasn’t using antihistamines, wanting to see if healing would be significant.



We continued every couple of days in 45 minute sessions. In the beginning, I would speak of the sensations, or what I noticed. After a few sessions, it became routine for him to report progress at the beginning of each session.


The Healing

When we first started, I had no notions of how it would work out for him. The one thing I noted was that with each session, my hands on his chest, shoulders, and back felt heat coming from them. Gradually with each appointment, I noticed the heat was getting stronger beneath my hands. And during sessions, the sweat under my hands began to leave imprints on his clothing.


The Cancer

Before we began his sessions, I would share with him what I noticed intuitively was going on with his body.  I was quite aware that the cancer was in his lower left lobe, and also in his right groin lymphatic gland.  And I shared with him where I “saw” the cancers. (Note: From what he told me, doctors say it’s unusual for cancer to cross the body, there is usually a symmetry.)


At the end of our appointments, I reported to him what I noticed, (what I could “see”)  After a while, I couldn’t “see” the cancer in his groin any longer.  I could “see” gradual changes in the symmetry of the larger cancer in his left lung.    It was getting smaller.


Soon he was going to have chemo sessions and radiation.


I shared with “J” that the cancerous lymph in his groin disappeared according to my noticing. Also that  I “saw” his left lung still had a small cancer, although it was not as large as it was when we began.


I was no longer working with “J” at that point.


Next, he began and completed Radiation therapies.  A follow-up doctor’s appointment with the first images, the completed radiation, and the 2nd set of images, provided more conclusive closure for him.


All of his 35 appointments with me were 45 minutes in duration. Two to five minutes were spent at the beginning: How he was feeling, and what he noticed from his last session. At the end of each appointment was my reporting about what I noticed, and how it seemed, and if I “saw” any changes.  The doctors did notice that the groin cancer disappeared, and there was no explanation.


 Because they didn’t operate on his lung, he is not considered cancer-free. Instead he is considered “In Remission”.


Special note:

Due to the current COV-19 pandemic, I’m no longer considering the exception of local in-person appointments for healing, or in-person pickup of formulas.  Distant Healing is available.

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