Maximize For Optimal Results:

Using TNS formulas for the greatest benefits including some helpful combinations. 
Also see: Tips for best use of TNS formulas. Both have PDF download links, to save for your convenience.


Consists of formulas that contribute to bone building, teeth strengthening, and cartilage/muscle enhancing. An important medicinal herbal for arthritis sufferers. Inflammation and irritation are positively affected with Naturprofen, and structural enhancement with regard to bones and soft tissue, may occur in some individuals with Bone Cartilage Support and Motionmax. The Inflammation Formula: Naturprofen and Naturprofen PM offer comfort for individuals experiencing inflammation and joint pain; particularly useful in lieu of aspirin or anti-inflammatories with lengthy contraindications. 


Uncomfortable with arthritis?
Combine two Naturprofen™ with Bone/Cartilage Support™ (1-2) for discomfort, until relief.  Bone/Cartilage Support™ contributes to bone building, teeth strengthening, and cartilage-muscle enhancing. This formula is an important medicinal herbal for arthritis sufferers. The benefits of this formula are: inflammation and irritation are positively affected, and structural enhancement with regard to bones and soft tissue may occur with some individuals.


Plans to run/walk/bike a marathon?
Take Motionmax™ just before your event, and use Naturprofen™ (1-2) after, for relief. Soak in Epsom Salts and hydrate.  Take the Naturprofen PM™ at bedtime for comforted sleep.


Includes: Two powerful Bacteria/Infections/Virus Formulas with natural antibiotic properties: Super Defense/The Defender; a formula that promotes daily health by enhancing oxygenation and cleansing of the blood and contributes to maintaining a good alkaline balance: Green Mélange ; a formula that has an enhancing effect with tumors, warts, cancers and growths: Contender; and two formulas that provide immune strengthening and fortify compromised immune systems during a health crisis such as HIV/AIDS: Immune Vitale/Restore™.  The Natural Sage herbals have been effective with H1N1 and cold/flu virus symptoms. Our formulas provide relief from flu symptoms without risk of drug interactions or some side effects, like drowsiness or sleeplessness.
 Have an immune disorder, and find it difficult to fight infection?
Take 1 Contender™  and 4 Green Mélange™ every day. Green Mélange™ is a powerful food-based supplement, and an immune building antiviral, with potent chlorophyll, amino acids and naturally occurring proteins. Green Mélange stimulates the entire body, and is best taken in the early day. Important as a daily use formula, The Contender™ stimulates the Immune System by contributing  to improving T-cell protections. The Contender™ has a positive enhancing effect when experiencing Immune Disorders, Tumors & Cancers. You’ll discover for yourself how well you can be, by taking preventive health measures.


Recovering from surgery, or a long illness?
Taking Immune Vitale™ enhances oxygenation and supports cleansing the blood, to fortify the immune system’s ability to strengthen itself, and promote a speedy recovery. Immune Vitale™ stimulates the immune system, and is best when taken in the early day.
For folks with HIV/AIDS, taking Immune Vitale™ daily for a long term offers wellness on a greater scale, when working towards a recovery period. Restore™ is a strong immune system builder that oxygenates blood and tissues for improved immune function. Restore has a slight stimulating effect, and is best taken in the morning. Taking the Restore formula for about 6 weeks helps to stimulate homeostasis with immune compromised individuals, and increase energy in a subtle way.  Excellent taken daily as a defense to maintain wellness. 1-2 best taken in mornings.
The Defender and Super Defense are effective when taken for any bacteria, virus or infection.


With the first sign of any bug, take Super Defense(1 capsule) right away.
Follow in an hour with The Defender1-3 capsules every hour. Take 1 more Super Defense before 6pm, and follow with The Defenderfor two more hours.
Continue this process until symptoms begin to subside.
When the symptoms are less, reduce by 1 Super Defense, and continue The Defender.  On the 3rd day, discontinue Super Defense™, and continue with The Defender every other hour. The next day when symptoms are less, take The Defender only 2-3 times. Reduce further the next day, until symptoms are completely gone. If the symptoms remain, begin taking The Defender hourly until The Defenderis no longer needed.
 The Defenderis unique as it’s a natural antibiotic. Effective herbal infection fighting antibacterial, and a powerful Immune stimulating “herbal antibiotic”; effective at the first sign of colds, virus, flu & infections. It’s useful to take a “bolus” (2-5 capsules) plus 1 Super Defense at first, and then reduce your intake as the symptoms subside, until the symptoms are gone. This is useful for viral-type and bacterial symptoms including Lyme disease, or MRSA.
Flu fevers have been known to re-occur within 12-24 hours, and symptoms can re-erupt as well.  So, taking The Defender™ every 3-4 hours for 2 more days nearing the end of a virus, is useful for protection from any re-occurring symptoms.
The Defenderis quite economical compared to other products, co-pays, or for prescription drugs and doctor visits.
Flumaxis also different, in that it fights the flu symptoms at the first signs: dry scratchy eyes, dry throat, achy body, nausea. Flumax™ is effective with no more than 1-3 capsules every 3-4 hours.
Combining Super Defense™, The Defender™, and Flumaxwhen fighting the flu at the first sign, or when noticing symptoms, is serious, and requires your immediate and ongoing attention.
Our formulary packages are 90, and 10 capsule counts per package. This translates to when your bout of flu is gone, and, if you become re-exposed, you may have enough of our formulas still available to naturally regain your good health as quickly as possible.
Immune formulas to use with Lyme Disease. For the nausea: Comfy Tummy™ and Flumax™. Best protection for Infection: Super Defense™, The Defender™. And for the long term after the infection abates: Immune Vitale™, Green Mélange™ and Restore™.
The immune system stimulation promoted by the immune formulas is effective for wellness recovery. However, refrain from taking these formulas after dinner, so your body can rest.


Those with the discomfort of autoimmune disorders have an additional body burden to manage. That burden is protection. You can’t live in a bubble, but you also can’t be susceptible to every virus, cold, and bacteria that manages to find its way to you!


The Most Effective Plan
Your goal is to protect both your Immune and Endocrine Systems  to maintain a basic wellness year round.
Daily maintenance formulas (Immune):
Immune Vitale™ (1 daily)
Restore™ (1 daily)
Green Mélange™ (4 daily)
Contender™ (1 daily)
Note: For those with autoimmune illness and severe compromises, choose Immune Vitale™. Others that seem vulnerable to every bug out there, and have seasonal allergies, can benefit from Contender™, daily.


Daily maintenance formulas (Endocrine) Ages 35-Post Menopause
Feminine Essence™ (2-6 daily)
Post Menopause
Golden Feminine™ (1-2 daily) For Post menopause
Or depending on your hormone requirements:
Golden Feminine Plus™ (1 daily) (Milder formula) Post menopause
What’s the effect from these formulas?
Taking the three formulas for Immunity promotes wellness by daily boosting your immune building cells to protect your well being. What you’ll notice: less “Brain Fog”, more energy, more motivation, and less infections.  Additionally, by taking a daily maintenance formula for your Endocrine System, you feel strong, and enjoy more balanced moods. There are other Endocrine formulas available for more specific endocrine issues, and to build greater health when severely compromised.
Those with specific hormone or immune compromises may benefit from purchasing the 10 and 90 count sizes to try the formulas for a week or more, and notice your improvements. Remember, the goal is to maintain a wellness year round. There is no such thing as: “I usually get 2 or 3 colds a year” , or “There’s no avoiding hot flashes or mood swings.” What is normal is wellness.
Daily maintenance formulas (Immune):
Immune Vitale™ (1 daily)
Restore™ (1 daily)
Green Mélange™ (4 daily)
Contender™ (1 daily)
 Note: For those with autoimmune illness and severe compromises, choose Immune Vitale™. Others that seem vulnerable to every bug out there, and have seasonal allergies, can benefit from Contender™, daily.
 Daily maintenance formulas for men (Endocrine)
The Builder™ (1 daily)
Staminex™ (1 daily)
 For the over 50 man, caring for the Urinary System (Kidneys and Prostate) is important. See below.
Protecting your immune and Endocrine health promotes life extension and overall wellness.
Natural comfort with incontinence/prostate and bladder irregularities; supportive blood cleansing qualities for the kidneys, kidney stones, and assistance with urinary infections.  It’s helpful to combine some of the formulas for their synergistic effects such as an Immune formula with a Urinary formula for effective natural health when an infection is evident. 
Bladder Infection
Taking The Defender™ hourly and Bladder Balance™ 2-3 times daily, has reported good results. Bladder Balance™ is a useful aid with incontinence and bladder irregularities.
Kidney Stones/Gout
Using Kidney Stone Defense, Kidney Guard, (1-4 daily) combined with Naturprofen (several) offers relief.  Some report faster recovery using The Defender (several times daily).  Gout Ease (about 4 daily) with Naturprofen (several a day) promotes natural progress.
 Additionally, reducing acids from high acid foods, will promote relief: Oxalate foods, and Night Shades: Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Eggplant, Potatoes, Goji Berries, Tobacco, Peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers, paprika, tamales, tomatillos, pimentos, cayenne, etc)  being the biggest culprits.  Suggestion: Reduce or remove: salt, caffeine, alcohol. Increase water consumption to one half your body weight in ounces.
Consider, also returning to alkaline balance  by adding Green Mélange to your daily supplementation.
 Prostate Health
Naturprofen (Several times daily) and Prostate Health (1-3 times daily) has a positive effect on the blood cleansing qualities of the kidneys, and is useful with mid-back to lower back discomfort.
Improvements are gradual. Reductions of sugars, salts, caffeine and alcohol contributes to improvements as well.


Offers varying degrees of non-addicting formulations to aid in: daily colon cleansing, parasite cleansing, Candida cleansing, and comfort for stomach ulcer and colon irritations.  


Constipation & Colitis
1-2 Colon Express daily until your “expressions” are back to normal. Taking diuretics and eating excessive amounts of protein can affect your bowel habits, adversely. Drink more water, consume more fruit, and veggies. Increase your exercise.
Cleansing Candida
Use the Candida Cleanser with your Colon Express for greater effect. Drink plenty of water.
Parasite Cleansing
Combine Para-Cleaner with Colon Express to expedite the process. Drink plenty of water. Para Cleaner is a beneficial aid in the elimination of parasites. For information regarding parasite problems see Hulda Clark’s book: The Cure for All Cancers.  Ms. Clark clearly defines how dangerous dietary indiscretions, careless chemical usage, and home storage of household chemicals, can affect our health, and the health of our pets.
Stomach/Colon Irritations
Ulcer Comfort 2-3 times a day offers soothing and comfort in both stomach and colon irritations. Combine with Naturprofen in the event your irritations are exceptional.


Consists of non-drowsy, non-addictive allergy and other formulations that can be combined with an infection fighting formula for double duty. The formulas include support with allergens, mold, asthma, respiratory irritations; colds, to relax when experiencing respiratory conditions, and sinus…taken at the first sign of colds/sinus, the formula(s) can produce shorter down time, and speeds wellness.
Flu-like Symptoms/Food Inflammations
Flumax (1 every few hours) can promote speedy recovery for stomach flu and overall neuralgia; especially by combining with Naturprofen, (hourly) to reduce the inflammation.   Flumax is dependable for powerful enhancing relief from respiratory conditions. Also, add The Defender to fight the infection, not just the symptoms.
Mold and Pollutants
Lung Guardian is beneficial when you’re exposed to fumes, allergens, animal dander and pollutants. Additional benefits when taken with Flumax and The Defender, when ill with a respiratory virus or bacteria. Slightly immune stimulating-best taken during daytime hours.
Allergies and Asthma
Seasonal Allergies Complex is the herbal choice for Hay Fever and Allergies. A non-drowsy, non-addictive formula, for more productive and enjoyable days during seasons of pollen and mold. When combined with Immune Vitale, and Lung Guardian wellness is expedited.
Seasonal Defense promotes powerful relief from the effects of respiratory irritations and asthma during the mold and pollen seasons. A non-drowsy, non-addictive formula, when combined with Super Defenseoften can circumvent the possibilities of further infections from Bronchitis, or Pneumonia at the first sign of infection or irritation. Results vary with each individual.  Additional protective measures for increasing wellness: add Green Mélange and Restore™.  Plus increase your alkalinity by consuming more green vegetables, less dairy and sugary foods.
Colds and the Sniffles
Cold & Sinus Defense is the natural alternative for colds and sinus allergies, free of the drowsy, “medicine haze” effects.  Non-habit forming, Cold & Sinus Defensestarts to work right away, perfect for the allergy season!
Coughs from allergies/asthma or cold/flu bouts.
Cough Ease soothes the cough that’s difficult to stop. No sugary syrups, no alcohols, no drug haze. When combined with Throat Easecomfort is achieved. Consider adding Naturprofen to the mix for the irritation from the coughing.
Restless and can’t sleep because you’re sick?
Cold & Flu PM is a comforting formula for restful nights when feeling ill from upper respiratory symptoms, and cannot get to sleep. This formula can be combined with Slumberease for a restful night.
And a fever too?
Fever Defense can be effective in reducing a fever by increasing blood cleansing. Add Fever Defense to your arsenal of herbals for Cold and Flu Season, and the Black-legged Tick Season.  Drink plenty of water, it helps bring a fever down.
Support for liver cleansing, and liver regeneration, respiratory and liver distress especially from air quality issues, digestives, gas, upset stomach/motion sickness, and nausea from flu.
Liver/Bile problems, Hepatitis, Gallstones
Liver Comfort™ promotes regeneration while relieving discomfort.. Liver Comfort™ may be combined with Cholesterox™ for effective measures in naturally reducing high cholesterol levels. For Fatty liver: combine Liver Comfort™, Cholesterox™ and Naturprofen™ for greater results.
Health problems from pollution?
Liver/Lung Support™ is incomparable with respiratory/liver distress, especially when experiencing conditions from air quality/humidity/moisture/molds.


Digestive stress-still using Tums?
Natural Herbal Enzymes™ is the safe, natural alternative to chemical digestants, and is taken with or after eating, and contributes toward reduction of bad breath by “deodorizing” the digestive tract.
Effective cleanser for prior to using the more harsher cleanses…
E-Z Liver Detox™ A gentle liver cleansing when starting off cleaning a fatty or inflamed liver.
Tired of feeling bloated?
Digestaid™ is our natural herbal digestive aid. It’s taken after eating, and adds assistance to the digestive process, and contributes toward reduction of bloating.
Less “wind”
Past Gas™ is a travelers friend, and a useful addition to your home medicine chest. Plan to take it after eating gassy foods.


Another traveler’s friend…
Tummy Tamer™  is a natural aid for motion sickness, nausea, and flu. This formula has a positive effect on the stomach when the first sign of “Upset Tummy” occurs. Take this formula on road trips, boating, and on air travel trips.
Support for blood pressure, and calming enhancement for the cardiovascular system. Promotes healthy cholesterol levels and assists with circulation (either daytime or PM). Contributes to strengthening the heart functions, with a positive effect on blood purification.
Great formula for stage fright type symptoms, drivers stress and angina
Cardioguard™ positively enhances over-stimulated cardiovascular and circulatory systems, with a sense of calm. Very effective with Panic attacks, Pericarditis and Angina. (I rate this formula highly). Great combined with Serene Day™.


Are your cholesterol levels high, and you don’t want to take statins?
Cholesterox  promotes healthy cholesterol levels, and combines well with liver and inflammation formulas for more effective measures in reducing cholesterol levels.


Improve your circulation even while sleeping
Circutone™ soothes and improves circulatory health during sleep. (Slightly diuretic) Do not operate machinery or drive when taking this formula. This formula promotes drowsiness. 


A mild, daily formula
Heart Health™ is a beneficial formulation that has a positive effect on the heart, with emphasis on blood purification and circulatory toning.


Daily formula contributing to wellness in heart rhythms
Hypertense Defense™  A daily formula that gradually strengthens the heart and its pumping process. Enhances these conditions: Angina, Palpitations.


Contributes to pressure wellness
Reguflo™ Delivers gradual blood thinning for blood pressure  1-2 daily
Combine Super Circ and Naturprofenfor Pericarditis.
Super Circ™  The “Roto-Rooter” of  The Natural Sage™ Circulation formulas. Increases your energy, and gradually contributes to loosening sludge in arteries.  Combine Super Circ™ with Immune Vitale™ for subtle stimulation and awakeness.


Calms stressed adrenals. Contributes positively to balanced blood sugar and minimizing sugar cravings. Boosts Endocrine System and Lymphatic Systems by contributing to cleansing blood and lymph. Pancreas function support, Gallbladder cleansing. Natural Thyroid stimulation and regulation of metabolism.
Tired of being tired all the time? Too much coffee, then can’t sleep?
Adrenal Comfort™  is an important daily herbal for “Stressed out” individuals that assists in rebuilding adrenal strength. Combine with Green Mélange™ for natural stimulation via your own body’s mechanisms.
Being a sugar-aholic is serious, the more you consume, the worse it gets.
Blood Sugar Bliss™ is the natural daily herbal combination that offers balance in blood sugar and with sugar swings. Combine with Pancreas Balance™ to curb the swings, and take charge of your dietary process.


Had Gallbladder surgery, and still can feel stones?  Uncomfortable congested feeling in your back?
Gallbladder Support™  lends serious daily cleansing to a congested liver and gallbladder. Combines well with Naturprofen™ for those flare-ups.


Feeling sluggish and dieting? Exercise is still not moving fats/fluids?
Lymphatone™ contributes to cleansing both the blood and the lymphatic systems. Exercise caution, as this is a diuretic. When taken infrequently, Lymphatone™ stimulates the blood/lymph assisting in disposal of waste in the blood and lymphatic systems. Combines with Slendermax™, the weight loss formula.


Can’t seem to regulate your sugars, and still craving carbohydrates and sugars?
Pancreas Balance™ is a natural daily herbal formula that supports normal pancreas function. Pancreas Balance™ is an excellent formula for sugar imbalances. 1 after dinner and 1 at bedtime. Combines very well with Blood Sugar Bliss™.
When anxiety gets the best of you….
Serene Day™ has the natural combination that supports balanced moods and positively affects anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.  Combines well with Cardioguard™ for very anxious times. Does not affect driving, or alter thinking. If having unfocused days, and cannot concentrate, try Bright Thinking™ to get back on track.


For those with Thyroid or glandular history, The Builder contributes to overall wellness and nurtures the Endocrine System to establish improved endocrine functions.
The Builder™  is our daily glandular to boost the Endocrine System. Made especially for folks that have hormones out of control and/or thyroid trouble that cannot equalize. Combines well with any of the woman’s and men’s formulas, and our glandulars.
Thyroidmax has a lasting effect on the Endocrine System, and to avoid sleeplessness, take only in the morning or no later than noontime.
Thyroidmax™ has the powerful synergy that enhances stimulation and regulation of the thyroid, as well as positively affecting the metabolism. Combines well with any of the woman’s and men’s formulas, and our glandulars. For the mid-day crashes, try 1 or 2 Green Mélange™ in lieu of taking more Thyroidmax™.
When experiencing inflammation and urinary inconsistencies….
Prostate Health™  (1-3 times daily) and Naturprofen (Several times daily) have a positive effect on the blood cleansing qualities of the kidneys, and are useful with mid-to-lower back discomfort. Improvements are gradual. Reductions of sugars, salts, caffeine and alcohol contributes to improvements as well. Prostate Health™   combines well with Adrenal Comfort™  and The Builder™  for  greater overall endocrine balance.
For the performance oriented…
Contributes to support for libido, sensitivity and increasing sexual endurance.  Staminex™ is taken early in the day to avoid sleeplessness. This is a natural stimulant specific to men.
Support for menstrual cramps, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, cravings, low energies; with an enhancing effect on female organs, that can be combined with Naturprofen,  Serene Day, and Candida Cleanser, formulas, contributing to libido, breast size, sexual sensation, menopause,  PMS, fertility, estrogen dominance, post menopause, etc. 
Looking to try the natural way to enhance your Pre-Ovulation Fertility?
Fertile Essence I
Naturally complete formula enhancing pre-ovulation fertility. FERTILE ESSENCE I contains approx. 418mg. plant hormones per capsule, used strictly for fertility.


Complete your natural Post-Fertility Process with Fertile Essence II
Fertile Essence II
A Naturally Complete formula specific to Post-Ovulation fertility. FERTILE ESSENCE II contains approx. 333mg. plant hormones per capsule, used strictly for fertility.


Hormones out-of-whack? Hormones can dramatically impact your health from weight gain (or loss), to metabolism issues and estrogen dominance, sleep, cravings, heart health, and hair, skin and nails.
Feminine Essence  
Consider taking Feminine Essence™  for a long term, versus HRT with its contraindications.  Feminine Essence™ promotes anti-aging,  and healthy menopause. Feminine Essence  enhances sexual sensation,  enhances breast size and improves a sluggish libido. On a personal note, I took Feminine Essence for 10 years, and experienced not one symptom of menopause….not even a hot flash…breezed past it!  Feminine Essencecontains approx. 374 mg. natural plant hormones per capsule.


Having trouble with cramps and PMS?
Muse Renew 
Offers a balanced, natural formula for cramps and irregular periods. Combines well with Pain Ease, Naturprofen™, and Serene Day. Consider also Slumbereasefor those nights when it’s difficult to settle down.  Muse Renew contains approx. 235 mg. natural plant hormones per capsule.


“Things” are not the same….
Golden Feminine
Supportive in post-menopausal conditions. Golden Feminine™  promotes anti-aging and offers balance with dryness, mood swings, insomnia, and Chronic Fatigue.  Golden Femininecontains approx 400 mg. natural plant hormones per capsule.  Try Serene Day™ to balance moods until you achieve the correct timing and dose.


Golden Feminine Plus 
Naturally balanced for “Hormone Sensitives” between 60-100+ years young. Helpful with Hormonal issues: Cortisol overload (Chronic Fatigue-Adrenal stress),vaginal dryness & wall thinning, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin, mood swings, and headaches. Combines well with Golden Feminine, by using on alternate days or every few days…Golden Feminine Pluscontains approx 400 mg. natural plant hormones per capsule.


Progest  Balance
Supportive by promoting balanced cortisol levels, assisting progesterone health, and protecting the liver.
Progest Balancecontains approx 288mg. natural plant hormones per capsule. Complementary formulas: Adrenal Comfort and Serene Day.
Supportive herbal brain formulas to enhance thinking clearly, and promote oxygenation to the brain. Combining brain formulas is useful with ADD/ADHD. Bright Thinking™ is also helpful with Alzheimer’s Brain Max™ may also be a consideration.  Headache Defense/P.M.™ with tranquilizing-like relief, pain and spasms (Pain Ease), sleeping assistance.
Too much “Brain Fog” and not enough clarity?
Brain Max™ Keep a few handy for those days when extra attention and clear-headedness is needed. A powerful formula for Add/ADHD, and even Dementia.


Bright Thinking™   Stimulates the brain for a boost when needed for concentration. (Less stimulating than BrainMax™.)


Great formula for traveling.
D-Stress™  All natural combination supporting the nervous system in stressful times.  Combines well with CardioGuard™ and Serene Day™.


Build your all-natural medicine chest with 10 ct. packages of formulas used infrequently.
Headache Defense
Effective with tension headaches · Sinus headaches.
Perfect  formula for those long allergy headaches:
Headache Defense/P.M.
Promotes restful sleep & relief from tension and sinus headaches. Combine with Naturprofen™ or Naturprofen P.M.™ for relief at bedtime.  Do not operate machinery or drive when taking this formula.
Herbal Nerve
A personal favorite. Great sedative.
Natural herbal support for sedating relief in stress and pain.  Do not operate machinery or drive when taking this formula.


For all natural temporary relief of aches and pains.  Herbal analgesic · Natural alternative for pain and spasm relief. Do not operate machinery or drive when taking this formula. Pairs well with Naturprofen™, and Naturprofen P.M.™.
Herbal support for weight loss. Caution: This product contains caffeine, use with care. Results vary per individual.   Works well with dieting and exercise.


Too wound up, and can’t sleep?
Non-addictive and effective natural sleep aid.  Helpful with Jet lag.  Excellent formula for a more restful night’s sleep. Take just before bedtime.  Do not drive or operate machinery when taking Slumberease™ 
“Skip the espresso!  Energexfor lasting energy!”  Non-addictive natural energizer with super potency for physical stress & endurance · Jet lag · Muscle building.
Energex  Energizing for physical stress and endurance, including enhanced testosterone levels, and hair growth. Alleviates fatigue, increases energy.
 All suggestions provided are based upon consumer responses and testimonies.  Results vary with each individual. 
 All our formulas synergize very well with each other. Every effort is made to provide the highest level of wild crafted and certified organic botanicals for each formulation.  Our formulas are guaranteed free of: corn, yeast, milk, egg, no added sugar, salt, tablet binders and coatings. Snapshot testimonies are available for efficacy. Some lab findings on file.


We at The Natural Sagecare about your health and wellness, and appreciate your comments and your patronage.


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