** 4/18/21 Special (39 seconds) audio about the Distant Group healing:



  I’m doing 30 minutes of Distant Group Healing by donation via PayPal.

This virus is going to last far longer than the experts tell us.

The Healing is Sunday evenings at 7PM to 7:30 PM until there is a cure.


My only requirement is that you call my number 757-541-8646 and say your name each Saturday that you plan to receive healing; so I may pick up on your voice/vibe. I won’t be returning your call.


After the healing each Sunday, I post a brief audio with what I noticed in the Distant Group Healing Session (See below)

You’re welcome to post your experience in the comments.


I look forward to positive change and good health for all of us.


4-4-21 AUDIO (51 seconds) Distant Group Healing Session:



4-11-21 AUDIO (53 seconds) Distant Group Healing Session:



4-18-21 AUDIO (44 seconds) Distant Group Healing Session:




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