This year I’m featuring reports and forecasts to answer life questions and define personal crossroads.  During this current unpredictable life cycle, the Sage Lady™ reports and forecasts provide an additional outlet for your decision-making, contributing to your peace of mind.


 REPORTS AND FORECASTS ARE :  $50 for 25 minutes


Depending upon the type of questions you bring to your appointment, the variety of reports are: Relationships and Business, Daily, Weekly, Yearly, Spiritual, Karmic, Relocation, Travel and Vacations.  All reports and forecasts with The Sage Lady™ are audio recorded, and emailed to you for your convenience.


Keep in mind I’m proficient at what I do. I take pride in the fact that it’s unnecessary for me to see you in person, or have an ongoing conversation during your forecast in order to provide you with the best reports and forecasts.  You’ll find my reports and forecasts to be superb and on target…So much so,that you’ll obtain reports and forecasts frequently,to stay on track with the process of your life!


“I have often wanted to make an appointment to get a personal reading, however, I wondered if the appointment would be of any value. I imagined the information in a reading would be so generic it would fit anyone and wouldn’t be worth the money spent. I also worried about what other people would think. Well, I was so off base, my reading was with Catherine, and I was amazed at how accurate, useful and real the information was in my first reading. Catherine provided information about myself and other individuals that was right on the mark, information  she would not have known without personally meeting and talking with the individuals.  My reading was filled with so much useful and knowledgeable information I didn’t want it to end, and can’t wait to order my next reading. I have no doubt, the information she provides was accurate and will be helpful in understanding and planning my life and relating to others.  I was so excited when the audio was over I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and recommend they get their own reading. The benefit: her readings are recorded, sent by email, so you can re-listen as often as you like. I would strongly recommend a reading with Catherine, confirm for yourself how intuitive and knowledgeable she is, I can’t wait for my reading.” 
K ~ Denver, CO


“This is K. and A. in NC – we had an appt. with you awhile back.  I don’t know if it is of any interest to you but thought I would follow up and let you know how things went with the information you gave us:   Well, you said that the last person to sleep in a bed in our house was sick,  though I didn’t realize at the time you were 100% correct as it was a chronic drug addict who had last slept in there.   You told us we should go in that room and meditate/listen and we did – but we didn’t get quite what you described (ancestors or spirit guides trying to communicate love) we did exactly what you said, listened, didn’t talk, took notes, then shared.  Like you said we got a lot of  parellels in the information – enough for it to 100% convince us it wasn’t our own imaginations!”


Ordering is simple: Current clients call or text your order!


New clients call my office to establish your name and details on file.


If you leave a message, please provide best times and your telephone number, for a return  call.


Your invoice is emailed to you with a link to click and securely pay through PayPal.


  Once prepaid, your audio forecast is completed in a week or less and emailed to you.


 Call and place your order today : 757-541-8646


I look forward to contributing my intuitive best to your process and growth.






The Sage Lady™, Healer and The Natural Sage™ Herbals, Medical Empath,Reports and Forecasts, Munay-ki, Dreamwork, Meditation


The Sage Lady makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”

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