The Sage Lady Spiritual Mentoring consultations enhances lives and progresses with compelling dynamics for powerful change.

Clients experience transforming growth in self discovery; and realize deep worth with acknowledging their personal gifts on the road to finding themselves. The process motivates clients toward growth and fulfillment in their search for identity, and hopes for realness in their lives.

Spiritual Mentoring telephone consultations are hourly, and on a retainer basis for ongoing appointments. Please specify requests for more than one hour.


Two hours is the maximum appointment duration.

1 Hr.  $100



The Sage Lady™: Healer, Medical Empath, Forecasts, The Natural Sage™ Herbal Formulary

Take advantage of  my 25 Year Anniversary Sale! 


SALE! 12% OFF Spiritual Mentoring!



The Sage Lady™, Healer and The Natural Sage™ Herbals, Medical Empath,Reports and Forecasts, Munay-ki, Dreamwork, Meditation

To schedule your telephone appointments call 757-541-8646


The Sage Lady makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. Representatives of The Sage Lady™ do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.”

© The Sage Lady1996-2018

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