Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Expect the Unexpected! 12-31-16

You can expect the unexpected today, as the energies are chameleon-like, shifting and changing.

One thing for sure, it’s foolish to think you can control the flow of today’s events.

What a great energy for the eve of a brand new year!

Opposing Energies™: Controlling, narrow-minded

Better get in step and anticipate sudden inspiration to transform the last day of 2016.

Mystery prevails, wearing the cloak of enigma and inviting us to have inquiring spirits.

Spiritual Currents™: Mystique

There will be clever people around, enticing you into conversations; being so attractive in their independence by not fitting in to any particular niche.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Attractions, openness, joy

Enjoy, admire, and be playful.

Don’t take today seriously, just have fun!

My hopes:

It was my pleasure to provide a service that motivated folks to think and grow in 2016.   My hopes for 2017 are that I can be healing and inspiring to bring out the best in people.  Happy New Year, and peace to us all.


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