“Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” March 2019

It looks like the month of March may seem elusive, at best. The days will come and go with events and plans changing slightly until they morph into different plans altogether.

Putting more effort towards completions will help; but for the most part, all of our efforts this month will seem like quicksand.

There will be complete, almost unforgiving alterations of it all.

…We’ll have an idea of how something will turn out, or have expectations. Forget them. Nothing will be as we see them.


It doesn’t matter if we can’t hold onto our original plans or ongoing efforts; we’ll barely recognize them anyway, by the end of the month.

We want to feel like we’ve accomplished something, yet won’t see much in the way of results until April.   

It’s going to feel like we have to keep proving ourselves, or re-state our commitments in order to maintain stability.


March is a month of hard work and determination.

Don’t rock the boat with impatience. The fruits of our efforts and plans will show up in April.  Our ideas and concepts are of better use in April, and we’ll be glad for that.

It’s almost as though March is veiled, and slowed for reasons beyond our controls.

It’s not all bad. You and I matter; it’s just that in the bigger scheme of things our participation continues without praise, until an even larger event or action comes along in April.

This isn’t to distract, but to contribute to our emotional health and well-being.

…As it will be a frustrating almost six weeks to get to a fairly rewarding place in our lives.

Personal recognition beginning the first week of April, will be there, finally.


We’ll sigh a big sigh of relief, and maybe even get a much needed pat on the back.


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