Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Achieve the Positive Balance You Desire 4-2-17

Today’s powerful (Karmic) energies may be the turning point in your life, causing you to make necessary changes in order to achieve the positive balance you desire.

Opposing Energies: Denial, resistance, antagonism

Karma being the equalizer, the events and/or people in your life will be in balance with you; or you’re resisting settling unresolved conflicts.

Wide Awake Wordsfor today: Fairness, responsibilities, compromise

This is one of those times where compromise is important to achieve throughout your entire lifestyle, as karma is the defining factor in the process.

Good News for Relationships™: Building on the prospects of a loving relationship, you’re holding yourself accountable for your responsibilities, and making necessary adjustments.

Take the high road today, including with business. Making a lesser choice may be detrimental, and the Karmic influence could have a more lasting effect.

Spiritual Currents: Transform



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