Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Elevate Your Consciousness 2-5-18

The opportunity to elevate your consciousness today depends on your level of responsibility.

In the event you take responsibility for what you say, think and feel; and for the conditions around you, there will be greater positive forces at work in support of your efforts!

It’s mostly about trusting in the process, and letting the rest take care of itself.

Another influence at work today is the need for cooperation from others.

Reflect on your intent in your work and relationships, especially relating to being a bit of a workaholic, and feeling the burden of all the responsibilities it entails.

Opposing Energies: Obstinacy, obsessed, fear, uncooperative

Additional thought is needed regarding sacrificing your health for the sake of making money.

If your health is damaged, how effective is your work, then?

Wide Awake Words for today: Letting go, vulnerability, positivity, cooperation

Cooperate with others, share the work fairly, and allow friendships and joy into your work and life.

Spiritual Currents: Courage

Above all, honor your health.

Honoring others and yourself, is consciousness-raising, and achieving success unconditionally, rather than looking for a return for efforts.



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