Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Are You Moving? 10-17-17

Sudden and inspiring mystical information is coming to you today, to move your work or home; or to make major changes.

Be aware of strong psychic impressions.

Fate is at work; perhaps a secret journey or a strong inclination to uncover past lives, hidden agendas, or secrets. (I vote for uncovering secrets!)

There is an intense desire to delve into deeper aspects.

Opposing Energies: Dullness, changes, challenges, obstacles, depression, laziness

Take the time to reassess your life and examine difficulties with others in order to curtail them.

You’re getting help from friends with exercising caution by being practical and reviewing negative thinking.

Wide Awake Words™ for today: Security, contacts, alliances, friendships, positive thinking, inner satisfaction

A friend or helpful contact may assist you in finding work, bringing unexpected benefits.

Spiritual Currents™: An open mind

This new work will take you in a different direction, transforming your lifestyle.



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