Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Putting Effort Toward Your Dreams 4-18-18

Today is about polishing up your skills, putting effort toward your dreams, and allowing inspiration to create your success.

Opposing Energies: Immaturity, irresponsible, non-committal, self doubt, impatience, worry

Keep an open mind by creating fresh appeal, and direct yourself to your goals.

Your focus is all about being close to your vision.

Wide Awake Words for today: Flow, resilience, tenacity, focus

Your intent, followed by hard work and efforts, may feel rather synchronistic; almost as though you have stepped into a parallel universe!

It’s a magical time for putting your desires out there, and fortifying your vision to achieve your dreams.

Follow your heart, and have faith in your intuition, knowing the change you desire is right around the corner.

Use the gifts you’re blessed with, rather than reacting out of fear.

Transform those fears and doubts into the real value that lives in your heart of hearts, and allow yourself the freedom to be your authentic self.

Spiritual Currents: Validation

Appreciate all your experiences, personal or otherwise, for they are the building blocks to your progression.



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