Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Insightful Awareness 3-24-17

Good news!

Intuition is at an all time high today, creating insightful awareness in your mental activities.

You’re inspired and sticking to your plans with great focus.

Opposing Energies: Unaware, undecided, noncommittal

You may be feeling like you have to divide yourself in your work, or at the very least, multitask.

And perhaps there may be a struggle or two with decisions and/or with people.

Pay attention to your plans.

You can be reducing your creative energies on worry and indecision!

Wide Awake Words for today: Determination, acceptance, nurturing

Regardless of any conditions, nothing is worth losing your faith in the now by worrying about things in the future.

Take it easy and let go of the stress, if just for today.

Spiritual Currents: Personal strength

Being in the moment, rather than focusing on what the future might bring, is closer to your goals.

Your day will flow unhampered by outside influences.



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