Get Ready…Change is on its way!


Hello.  Catherine here… The Sage Lady.

 I’ve uploaded my new addition to the web site. This addition is like no other. While the pages will be on site, the work is not available till June. The best I can offer at this point is a waiting list.


I initially started this project in 1997-2004, and it touched many lives. Now it’s updated, and soon ready to roll.  For those who worked with me from 1997-2004 on the initial project, I’m offering a discount for your sessions.


My work is cutting edge and life changing. What is it? It’s a process that restores personal aliveness.  The changes that occur as a result of this process will surprise you.  In a time of world upheaval, my process offers enlightenment and encourages personal growth. This isn’t your average, every-day personal development.


Alchemy™ is a new way of thinking and managing the unhealthy ties that bind and damage our lives.  Alchemy™ works with stuck beliefs embedded in your consciousness that hold you back. It’s a process for growth to create closure with life issues in tumultuous situations.


You can work on core woundings from ancestral, historic, or karmic past experiences, that are deeply personal.  Alchemy™ can bring healing to underlying toxic turmoil.


This insightful process adds aliveness during challenging life periods of unresolved experiences that have blocked one from forming healthy relationships.

In dealing with PTSD, the conflicted person has several areas of thinking and feeling that seek resolve: from detachment and hyper-awareness to active memory recall.


The transformative shifts that occur in Alchemy™ offer change to deep-seated negative beliefs, and terrifying events by promoting a positive outcome.

In Alchemy™ you experience clarity, openings to inner truth, and most of all; closure.


Alchemy’s goals are to empower women to discover the fundamental value of loving themselves, of transforming their inner-critic, and to open their personal perceptions.

Oftentimes, we lose ourselves in the context of our troubles, and reduce our interactions with others, creating alienation in social, personal, and family situations.


The ultimate goal for each Alchemy™ session is to break free of the emotional bonds, core woundings, unresolved experiences,  and decisions, that held you hostage in your life; and to open up a new awareness by becoming more of your true self.


I look forward to doing business with you, and helping you find your way.


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“The Sage Ladymakes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. The Sage Ladymakes no claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease.” For important decisions, use your personal intuition, consult your doctor, accountant, lawyer, educator, or clergy when needed. Be informed on all levels.


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