Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Take A Second Look 1-21-17

In the event you’re avoiding having a discussion with another because of confrontation, better take a second look at yourself!

Opposing Energies: Stubbornness, closed-mindedness, fear

Perhaps you’re in a rut, or holding too hard and fast to being stubborn, and more information is needed.

Wide Awake Wordsfor today: Open, flexible, giving

If it’s about your resistance to being told what to do, or that you have to settle something in an open-minded manner; listen to what is being said.

Maybe what others are saying is what you’re stubbornly avoiding!

Allow yourself to be in positive flow with your friends, family, people, and your relationships.

Spiritual Currents: Optimistic

Choose peace and fairness on all counts.

Good News for Relationships: New beginnings; and it could include an important relationship. Be aware of passion and attraction; even though you may have just met.

The energies associated with this romance are bright, and cheerful.

Indications imply a deep and enduring friendship or relationship in the works.



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