Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Garner Success 2-23-18

Partnerships are favored today, with a determined quality for gains, and likely will garner success.

Some reasoning behind partnerships may be about combining forces out of fear and scarcity mentality; by increasing your network out of wanting to associate with those of means.

However, better right now to honor the associations you’re missing or neglecting, and stay connected without the material considerations.

Your work is taking a positive turn, creating more travel, variety and all around good results.

Opposing Energies: Fear, scarcity mentality, worry, neglect, karma

The opposing energies of today are about feeling fear that your choices aren’t working.

This is a strong and impulsive phase that shifts for the better very soon.

Wide Awake Words for today: Focus, letting go, validating, genuineness

Give yourself a chance to breathe and feel your feelings, besides thinking and acting.

Any vacillating in taking action in business or personal aspects is a hitch in the giddyap that’s only in want of being focused, and then letting go.

Lastly, consider that being stubborn and rigid rather than open-minded and flexible negatively affects your ability to take positive action.

Today may even mirror some circumstances back to you, as if karmic.

Good News for Relationships: So get busy validating partnerships and relationships in an unconditional manner and be in touch with your genuineness.

This is an ideal time to forgive yourself and others by moving past issues that keep true loving thoughts and feelings away.

Find common emotional ground and share your heartfelt emotions without reservations.

Being the same person in all aspects of your life is a living truth.

Spiritual Currents: Genuineness



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